Prenatal Vitamins

The nine months of pregnancy are the most sensitive and crucial time in a woman especially if she’s expecting her first child. Every woman becomes cautious about the foods they eat as a way of maintaining the recommended levels of vitamins.

However, it goes without saying that regardless of how healthy you are, you can be deficient of one or more minerals or vitamins and that’s why it’s important to consider prenatal vitamins to support your health before and during pregnancy.

During this period, it’s important to get adequate amounts of nutrients and when need be, take up supplements. It becomes stressing when you walk in the drugstore or health food store and find more than 80 different bottles available and wonder which one to buy.

But given that we care so much about you, here the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy every woman should be looking for.

Why are prenatal vitamins important?

Prenatal vitamins are very crucial during pregnancy as they counteract the deficiency in your body thereby improving the quality of life of your unborn baby.

For example, prenatal vitamins are loaded with folic acid that plays a huge part in preventing spinal Bifida which is a neural tube birth defect that develops within one month of conception.

This means that when you take prenatal vitamins ninety days before conceiving, your body will be loaded with the folic acid capable of fighting the defects.

Specific nutrients

The purpose of prenatal vitamins is to enhance the health of the mother and at the same promote fetal development.

There are other supplements such as zinc, vitamin C and iron which make you feel great during pregnancy as they prevent anemia and protect your immune system. As a rule of thumb, always talk to your physician before taking any prenatal vitamins.

8 best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy

Prenatal Vitamins

1. Garden of Life prenatal raw multivitamin supplements

Are you a vegetarian mother? If yes, the garden of life prenatal raw multivitamin supplements is what you need as they are made from twenty-three veggies and fruits which make them perfect for fetal development, supplement your blood, and enhance a healthy reproductive system.

Being non-GMO, these supplements are loaded with probiotics and folate thus recommendable to take three months before conceiving.

2. Nature made’s prenatal multivitamin + DHA

Nature made’s prenatal multivitamin + DHA was given the best prenatal vitamins of 2017 award and this tells you how good it is.

In addition to supporting the development of brain and eye in your unborn child, this capsule also supports the development of the neural tube thereby recommendable to take before and during pregnancy.

3. New chapter’s perfect prenatal vitamins

These capsules are perfect for the mothers looking for healthy sources of nutrients and non-GMO ingredients as they contain probiotics, minerals and vitamins extracted from herbs and vegetables.

Another thing that makes these capsules stand out is that you can take on an empty stomach and experience no discomfort.

4. Bellybar’s chewable prenatal vitamins

If you are the kind of a mother that loves chewing, bellybar’s chewable prenatal vitamins will definitely be a catch.

As you chew it, you benefit from calcium, iron, and folic acid which play a huge part in the development of healthy bones for you and the baby. These vitamins are available at a pocket-friendly price and will cost you only $10 a month.

5. One a Day’s Women’s Prenatal Vitamins

One a Day’s Women’s Prenatal Vitamins come with 60 DHA/EPA liquid gels which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help in the development of eye and brain in the fetus.

The pack also contains 60 prenatal multivitamin tablets which are loaded with iron and folic acid that play a huge part in the prevention of anemia and neural tube defects.

6. VitaFusion’s Prenatal Vitamins

VitaFusion’s Prenatal Vitamins is loaded with folic acid, DHA and various vitamins which will help you throughout the pregnancy period to ensure that both you and your unborn baby are healthy.

7. Rainbow’s Light Prenatal One Multivitamin

Are you having any dietary restrictions? If yes, Rainbow’s Light Prenatal One Multivitamin is what you need.

They are gluten-free prenatal vitamins derived from vegetables and fruits and as a rule of thumb, take one tablet for a period of 150 days and you’ll be good to go.

8. SmartyPant’s Prenatal Complete Gummy Vitamins

SmartyPant’s Prenatal Complete Gummy Vitamins feature 15 essential nutrients such as vitamin D3 for the health of immune and bone, folic acid and essential fatty acids (omega-3 EPA and DHA).

These non-GMO gummies are free of common allergens such as eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, wheat, and tree nuts among others, so they will be perfect for a pregnant mom.

Bottom line

When the news of expecting a baby strikes you, you are so excited and nervous at the same time as you don’t know what to do for your health and that of the baby.

One thing for sure is that most people are nutrient-deficiency and therefore, it’s important to supplement your diet with multivitamins to ensure that the fetal develops accordingly and that you are always healthy.

The above prenatal vitamins are the best in the market so make a point of getting some.