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Holidays, birthdays or anniversaries – the first thing which comes to your mind is getting a lovely present for your loved ones! To get them something they really love is one hell of a task, and it keeps you brooding till the last minute.

Everyone likes a thoughtful present because it shows your effort. The choice of gift you make for your friends shows how much you understand them and how much you care about their preference and choices.

If your loved one is environment-friendly and a believer in a healthy lifestyle, you might buy for them something on the same lines which actually makes them happy.

Below are some valuable organic gift ideas listed for you:

Organic Food

Dried fruits, nut and fruit jams are great options as presents. In addition to being delicious, they also have a plenty of health benefits. They make for amazing gifts and will be appreciated by your friends.

Food has always had a soft corner in our hearts and when it is something which possesses a nutritional value it will surely be a memorable gift for your loved ones. Hence, organic food is the most preferred of all gifting options.

Organic cookware

This one is for the aspiring chefs and cooking lovers. If your friends love cooking, presenting them with a healthy and eco-friendly cookware is a nice idea. You can select cookware made from non-toxic materials like carbon steel, ceramic, porcelain etc.

Skillets and pans free from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating keep the environment of kitchen eco-friendly, hence, a healthier and safe option for your loved ones.

Beauty Products

Beauty Products

Beauty and nature go hand in hand. All of us have that one person we know who invests all their money in beauty products.

We know how much chemicals are present in the synthetic cosmetics and how much toxicity they can produce, which is certainly not healthy for our body in long term.

So why not buy your loved one a set of organic beauty products and avoid the chemically charged cosmetics.

You may choose from a variety of options like body lotions, massage oils, face creams, hand creams, lip care set, shampoo and shower gel etc. You may also consider the male grooming items like a shaving kit.

DIY kits

The best thing you can give to your creative and artistic friend is a DIY or do-it-yourself kit. This may contain a set of recycled papers, scrapbooks or notepads.

There are so many kits available in the market for people who like to spend their time in creative and artistic activities. You get the best out of waste materials, too, available these days.

Depending on the interest of your friend, pick something your friend will love in making out of the kit.

Plants and pots

woman behind aloe vera
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Gardening is one of the most loved activities and is eco-friendly too. Those who love gardening, they figure out space in their homes for it, irrespective of the size of their house. Plants can make amazing gifts for such friends.

There a lot of plants, which come in a variety of beautiful pots which your friends are going to love.

There is a huge variety of hanging planters available and can be amazing presents for your loved one. Amaryllis and Orchids are good choices for indoor plants.

Bunch of roses is quite common gift, but gifting a whole rose plant could be a smart idea. Apart from decorative plants, you can also gift herbs which would also add value in cooking.

Baby care products

The hardest part of buying a present is to get something for a friend or family member’s baby shower. Babies are delicate and sensitive. So you can choose organic and natural gifts for kids which would not be harsh on them.

You can choose gifts made of wood or organic cotton without the use of toxic paints. Instead of buying synthetic fiber made clothes, buy them clothes and socks made of organic cotton.

You may also gift organic baby salves, nappy creams, and toothpaste. Apart from Baby care products, you can also gift organic toys made from wood and cotton.

Gifts for Pets

Therapy Pets
Girl with dog reading book.

Pet owners’ love it when you get their pets a present. It can be anything from dog treats like Pork bites, chicken, and duck, to canned fish, organic beef, turkey, chicken and pork for the cats. You can choose belts and tags made of natural fibers.

Dog hoodies, paws protector are also some valuable options. There’s a range of healthcare products like natural shampoo, essential oils, repellents available, too.

Organic accessories

There is a wide range of accessories available and who wouldn’t like accessorizing themselves or their house.

You may choose from a variety of organic accessories like organic cotton hair bands and scarves, organic bracelets, and buckles made from woods, corals, oyster shells, etc.

You can also consider gifting household items like organic cushions, bedsheets, organic cotton blankets, recycled glasses, organic cleaning kits etc.

Activity Kits

Gifting sports and activity items to your fitness freak friends is a brilliant idea. These would not only be a precious gift for them but would also be highly appreciated by them.

Eco-friendly Yoga mats, cotton Yoga Bolsters, cushions, and Yoga straps are some options to consider. Hiking lovers will love recycled backpacks.

Above are some gift ideas we listed down to present a wide range of options in front of you, which will make your decision easier. So, if you’re still wondering what you want to get your mom this Christmas or your dad for his birthday, you know where to look.

There is a heavy range of organic products available in the market, and they are becoming trendier by the day. They are easy to find and affordable.

They are made from environmental friendly sources and are a healthier choice for your loved ones. You can make your loved ones’ special day more happening without digging a hole in your pocket. Keep reading for more such ideas.

Happy gifting!