Best Motivation Tips to Stay Happy and Stress-free

We promise to do things in a better way the next time and keep making such promises. Surely, you do the same to stay motivated. Whether it is your finance, career, lifestyle, it could be anything.


You promise to clear all your debts, lose weight, exercise daily, eat more green vegetables, sleep soundly, and the list goes on. Then, to achieve all this, you need some motivation in life.

Once you realize these goals, you will succeed in your life, both personally and professionally. Once you achieve to dig out of debt and become financially stable, there is nothing like it.

According to an article published on, there are multiple psychological tips and theories as to what motivated you to perform better in life. Everything depends on how you react to situations, achievements, success, failures, and theories.

When you set your goals, be it your financial goals or something else, things go well but later you have problems. It is natural and there is nothing to fret. You eat green veggies, work out, drink lots of water, make loan payments on time, and take health drinks.

Life goes on and before you realize, you face some challenges. You skip your exercise due to work pressure or fail to make debt payments due to some sudden expenses. These things happen.

To cut a long story short, getting inspired is fine but staying motivated is not that simple as it sounds. Did you know that over 90 percent of the people who start with some resolution but fail to achieve the same?

Then, you need to stay motivated. Be it debt repayment, time management, staying fit, all matter. Therefore, here are some best motivation tips to help you stay happy and stress-free:

Keep your motivation goals to yourself

You are working out every morning finally. Well, that is a great achievement. Then, keep it to yourself and do not discuss it or announce the same. It will backfire. Again, you have switched to a vegan diet. Wonderful! Do not show your cards. Stay focus on your motivational goals without discussing the same.

Avoid posting your motivational goals on Facebook to garner likes and comments. The likes or comments will not help you if you fail to stay motivated. Therefore, stay focused and resolute when it comes to your motivation.

When you receive gushing comments from your friends or loved ones, there is a problem. The positive reactions will make you believe that you have realized your goals. When this happens, you may feel like skipping exercise for a day or delaying a bill payment for some time.

Therefore, keep things to yourself and post on social media when you have already achieved the goals. Show your results to people.Avoid discussing your plans.

Celebrate your success even if small

Yes, once you see that you have lost five pounds or grown slim celebrate your success. You have achieved your motivational goal. Even if you lost one pound, celebrate that too. Even small achievements are great mood lifters.

Never feel bad that you have achieved less. Once you celebrate your wins, you will feel motivated more and soon it will help to develop positive and healthy habits. You dig out of your mediocrity and know how you worked hard to realize your life goals. Bask in that happiness.

For instance, if you have just paid off your small business loan to NationaldebtRelief , celebrate the success of becoming debt-free finally. Listen to your inner voice. When you have no creditors to pester you for money, you feel relaxed and financially stable.

Face challenges

Life is not a bed of roses. Then, when you have social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, we want to show that we are so happy to the world at large. What others think of your life should not matter to you.

If you are happy and financially stable, rejoice it. Then, do not expect your Facebook followers to comment on that because it is a dangerous pretense of success.

Share your happiness on social media but do not shy away from life’s challenges, defeats, and failures. That is because failure is a stepping-stone to success and helps you to stay motivated.

Stay focused as to how you can improve your current situation and hold your head high when you are successful again. Try doing constructive things to get back on the right track.

You can also share your challenges or problems with your close friends or peers instead of announcing them on social media platforms.

Appreciate yourself

You should be happy with what you have already in life. Appreciate the same instead of comparing your position with your college buddy or coworker or neighbor.

If you have one car to drive, stay contended instead of feeling sad that your neighbor has three cars. Appreciate yourself for what you have achieved with your hard work and dedication. Remember that there are people in the world, who have fewer comforts than you do.

Live your life the way it makes you happy. The moment you realize this fact, things will become simple for you. Do things that give you joy! Ignore what others are doing.

Connect with positive people and winners

Keep good company. Stay connected with people who give you positive vibes and make you feel happy. Stay away from pessimistic individuals to avoid disappointments.

Based on the findings of a 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people with a temptation to munch on fried food, drinking, or missing exercise usually sin together. Therefore, hang around with people who have those qualities that you like to have. These are the real winners in life.

That does not mean you cannot go for a movie with your friends and savor your taste buds with cheese-burst pizzas at dinner. Yes, you can do so occasionally but avoid making it a habit.


Now that you have these motivational tips handy, implement them in your life. You will stay happy, healthy, and stress-free. Achieve your motivational goals now.

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