The health and well-being of a person reflect in their body image, even in their feet. You have a lot to thank this part of the body for. Feet support all your weight, carry you from here to there, and help you run, among other things. Taking care of them and keeping them beautiful is a way to value them.

Keeping your feet healthy and taking care of their appearance can bring you benefits that you may not imagine, like improving your health, keeping you in a good mood, and can even make you win contests. Have you ever imagined that? Now you will have one more incentive to pamper your feet, and here you can learn more about it.

It Will Keep You Away From Health Problems

There are diseases of the body whose symptoms can reflect in the feet, so paying attention to any news can also keep you aware of what is happening internally in your body. For example, there are people with health conditions such as diabetes who can inadvertently sustain a foot injury, which can lead to severe complications. Giving attention to the appearance of your feet means that you will constantly be checking them and taking care of any irregularities that arise.

There are also irregularities in the feet, such as warts or cays, which can become uncomfortable if they are not treated properly on time. Visiting a podiatrist regularly or even your trusted manicurist will be enough to keep you aware of the appearance of any fungus or wound. You can already see that worrying about the appearance of your feet is not pure vanity but can actually benefit your health.

It Will Improve Your Self-Esteem and Lift Your Spirits

Going through periods of sadness or low spirits can cause you to lose interest in personal hygiene, grooming yourself, or improving your appearance. But just as neglecting your image can be a reflection of inner problems, body care can become a self-love routine. Small acts like going to a beauty salon to have your feet taken care of are something that will make you feel better about yourself and could help lift your spirits.

Schedule regular appointments with a foot care specialist and treat it like an appointment with yourself. Enjoy the attention and the care, and spend a relaxing time in a beauty salon. Having these times of care will teach you to value your body and learn about the love it deserves, so constantly taking care of your feet will help you stay encouraged and feel valuable.

Prevents Aging

With the passing of the years, some people are embarrassed to show their feet because they are likely to become dry and the skin to look cracked and wrinkled. A pedicure includes soaking your feet in hot water and massages with oils or lotions that help maintain moisture and the integrity of the feet, which is key to keeping feet young and healthy. Moisturized feet are less prone to blisters, injuries, or other problems and also aging.

Thanks to the pedicure, you will manage to keep your feet hydrated and they will look beautiful all the time. Do not be afraid to go out in sandals and let people see your toes. Go out, show off your pedicure, and if you are an elderly person, show off how young and hydrated your feet look.

Better Blood Circulation

The most enjoyable part of the pedicure is the massage. The massage promotes circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and feet. Increased blood flow can reduce pain and help distribute heat throughout the body.

You Could Get Awards for Having Beautiful Feet!

Have you heard about Kerasal “Are You ‘Foot’ogenic?” Photo Contest? They are calling all aspiring foot models! Kerasal, a leading maker of high-quality foot care products, is on a mission to find the most beautiful feet in America. This does not by any means refer only to the most ‘conventionally’ attractive feet. In fact, at Kerasal, feet of all ages, shapes, colors, sizes, and ‘imperfections’ are considered beautiful.

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How to Participate?

If you have what it takes – put your best feet forward – and enter this contest. This unique and exciting program kicks off on April 1st (aka April Foot’s Day) and coincides with April being National Footcare Awareness Month. Now, having healthy and beautiful feet can pay off big time! The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded the honorable Kerasal “Foot Model of the Year” title and featured on the Kerasal website.

They will also receive $1,000 in gift certificates for footwear and a year of Kerasal foot care product supply. But Kerasal does not stop there. Eleven additional finalists will receive a $100 gift certificate for footwear and a 1-month supply of various Kerasal products. These prizes will keep those feet Foot’ogenic and ready to be shown off all summer long!

Keep Taking Care of Your Feet, and You Will Continue Enjoying the Benefits

The foot is a complex structure with two main functions: to support large loads and to provide propulsion with dynamic stability. Even in sedentary people, the loads received by the feet are very high, but in sports practice, they are much higher.

Take care of your feet as much or more than you do with your hair or your skin, because poorly treated feet can cause big problems, even making it difficult for you to walk. Getting a pedicure is not only good for your feet to look beautiful with the trendy nail polishes of the season; it can also improve your health.