Benefits of Testosterone in Males


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Testosterone is the main sex hormone found in males. Hormones are those chemicals in the body that send messages to the cells and tissues of the body. Specific hormones have different attributes that send different messages to your cells and tissues. Therefore, different levels of each hormone can affect your body pretty dramatically.


There are also many different types of hormone each affecting different areas of your body. Testosterone is not the only hormone found in males but is the most prevalent. Without hormones your body would not be able to function, grow or repair itself effectively and so their importance should not be under estimated.

It should also be said that testosterone levels, as well as the levels of other hormones in your body, can be affected by a number of factors including age, general health, diet and genetics. Testosterone is primarily produced in the testicles of males but is also found in the adrenal glands and in much lower levers in the ovaries of females.

Generally speaking, testosterone levels are 7 to 8 times higher in males than females. This does, of course, depend on individual factors. Its primary effect is in the growth of muscle and its presence also stimulates physical strength.

Other effects include the deepening of your voice; growth of facial and other bodily hair; and an increase in libido. This goes some way to explaining why these characteristics manifest themselves in pubescent males. In males, Testosterone is also required for healthy sperm development. However, this hormone is not just found in humans also being present in other mammals where its effects can manifest in different ways.

Whilst the production of testosterone in males is important for your physical development and healthy sexual function it also increases aggression and in some case anti-social behavior. There have been numerous studies that provide some evidence of a link between testosterone levels and aggression. Whilst this link is difficult to prove scientifically most people would acknowledge that such a link exists or at least it is not an unreasonable connection to make between the two factors.

Testosterone travels through your blood stream and targets particular areas including of course muscles but also your central nervous system, prostate, kidneys and bones. Testosterone can contribute to an increase in bone density as well.

This hormone is well known for its anabolic effect on your body. In practical terms, this refers to the hormones ability to build muscle mass in your body by increasing the rate at which your body muscles can grow and repair. However, as you can imagine this amazing hormone can achieve so much more when it comes to improving your health and fitness goals.

Testosterone is obviously great for building muscle but it has the added advantage of also promoting fat loss in your body as well. These are just two of the reasons why people buy anabolic steroids. According to in practical terms, an increase in testosterone levels will result in an increase in muscle mass, so long as your muscles are being worked or exercised. It will also promote fat loss in your body without sacrificing muscle growth making its effects very appealing to professional bodybuilders and athletes.

Hair follicles in the skin are targeted by Testosterone and this explains its effect on hair growth including facial hair and pubic hair in males. It is due to the impact of Testosterone on these skin cells that facial hair begins to grow during puberty.

However, it also contributes to secretion of oil in the skin which can cause conditions such as acne. An increased susceptibility to sweating is also caused by this hormone which can also be experienced more during puberty.

Some people think that because of the link between Testosterone and hair growth that baldness or alopecia as it is sometimes known is caused by diminishing levels of Testosterone in males. However, the reality is that whilst Testosterone may accelerate the genetic influences that do cause hair loss, this hormone is not directly responsible for its occurrence.

It is amazing to consider what an amazing impact testosterone can have not only on muscle building and fat loss but on your body overall. As with all hormones, Testosterone is no different, its effects are all encompassing. It gets right into the cells in your body and gives them the instructions they need to function in a particular way. A practical example of this is in the growth and repair of muscle tissue after exercise or exertion.

Testosterone was first synthesized (chemically recreated) over 85 years ago and one of the primary purposes of doing this was for the muscle building and other positive effects on the body. However, unfortunately because its effects are so powerful it has been somewhat demonized by sporting authorities (for example) because it is considered to give users an unfair advantage over other competitors. Other uses for Testosterone include (but are not limited to) weight loss and sexual performance enhancement.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.

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