Swim Spas

For many, the idea of a perfect home isn’t complete without a swimming pool. Of course the reality is that many people can’t afford a home with a pool.

And even if they could, many homes aren’t large enough to accommodate swimming pools anyway. That’s why many people are opting for swim spas, which are the latest trend in pool substitutes.

More and more people without the means or space for a standard pool are discovering the benefits of swim spas, which are a combination pool/spa hybrid that uses water jets to create currents that provides resistance for the swimmer.

Those who aren’t in the know may look at a swim-spa and see it merely as a decorative addition to the household, but those who have experienced swim spas first hand can attest to their various benefits. Here are some of the main reasons more and more people are purchasing swim spas.

Compact Size

While those without a lot of space in their home may not be able to support a full-sized swimming pool, a swim spa will likely work well. The average swimming pool measures 18 by 36 feet, a size many back yards can’t accommodate.

At of 8 by 16 feet, swim spas are, on average, less than half the size of a standard pool and can fit in many smaller backyards or even in certain larger rooms.

Lower Cost

Those in the market for a basic, low-end swim spa can expect to pay between $10,000 and $12,000 dollars. Of course the price of a swim spa goes up with the more features the owner requests. But the real savings comes in the form of low maintenance.

Because swim spas use less water – and therefore less chemicals to treat that water – they can be up to four times less costly to maintain per month than a standard pool. When taking all costs of a swim spa into account, the overall price is much less than a standard swimming pool.


With a swim spa, owners are basically getting a swimming pool, hot tub and water gym all in one space-saving unit. That means people can enjoy the benefits of these three functions year round.

Depending on the model, many swim spas feature added jets designed for relaxation and therapy. Users can exercise in the swim portion of the unit and then switch over to the spa and jets for warmth and muscle relaxation.

Speaking of exercise, user can adjust the current in order to simulate swimming laps in a standard pool. And this is low-impact exercise, which is highly effective while being easy on the body.

Swim spa-compatible exercise equipment is also available for a variety of purposes including strength training and flexibility.

Family Friendly

Cost and space savings aren’t the only reasons more people are opting for swim spas in their home. Because these units are only 4 to 4.5-feet deep they are safe for the whole family. Many parents find that swim spas are the perfect places to teach their children how to swim.

And swim spas are just large enough so children can bring toys and behave generally as if the unit were a full-sized pool. Also, as an added safety feature, all swim spas come with lockable covers, which gives parents piece of mind.

These are just a few of the reasons swim spas are increasing in popularity. But one of the main reasons these units are ideal has to do with overall health. The exercises one can perform in a swim spa increase blood circulation and promote better sleep.

They can even help reduce arthritis pain. After taking into account all of the above considerations and benefits there is almost no reason to prefer a standard pool to a swim spa.

Author Bio:

Jessie Zender is a freelance writer from Scottsdale, Arizona writing for www.roadrunnerpoolservice.com. Jessie writes extensively in the home maintenance field. He is considered an expert in the pool repair and pool cleaning service industries.