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Bhringraj Oil: Health Benefits for Men and Women

In this day and age there are not many natural treatments that do what they claim to. Bhringraj is the Sankrit name for Eclipta alba, whose English name is False daisy.

The oil has been proven to have extraordinary healing properties by Indians who have used it for thousands of years in Ayurvedic Medicine. You may have not heard of this herb, but it has been growing in popularity in the West because of its ability to produce results.

But what is bhringraj oil?

Bhringraj oil is the oil extracted from the bhringraj plant which grows all across the world and you would not believe the wonderful benefits of bhringraj oil.

Traditionally, the fresh juice of the plant is boiled with coconut or sesame oil to make the oil. Other ingredients like Amla (Indian gooseberry) juice can also be added to the mixture.

What are the benefits of Bhringraj oil?

In India, the oil has been known to restore balding or greying hair, relieve stress, help women through child birth, and even help you to feel young and revitalized. However, these are just a few of the outstanding benefits of bhringraj oil.

This natural remedy is probably most commonly known by its ability to restore thinning hair and recolor premature greying hair without any harmful chemicals. The oil can also decrease dandruff and stop breakage which reduces split ends.

This can make your hair look thicker and more vibrant which can even make you appear younger! The oil has a darkening effect on the hair, so if your have light colored hair and don’t want to change the shade or color of your hair then bhringraj oil may not be for you.

Women always want natural ways to reduce pain during labor, but many of the techniques used aren’t always effective. Midwives in India who practice Ayurveda claim that one of the key benefits of bhringraj oil for pregnant women is it’s ability to reduce the pain of child birth, but most of them cannot decide on a reason.

Some believe that the herb can help to relax and loosen the uterus while in labor. Another important benefit of bhringraj oil is in it’s use to combat stress. Massaging your scalp and, sometimes, your whole body in this oil can reduce stress drastically.

It can help to take unneeded worries off your shoulders and help you to enjoy life more fully. Scalp massages with the oil and regular massages can lock in moisture more efficiently than baby oil and other moisturizer. It can make healthier and vibrant skin.

Everyone can reap the benefits of bhringraj oil. Just remember that for thinning hair, consistent use is very key. Be sure to always consult your doctor or a health professional before using a supplement or natural treatments as it may interfere with medication or underlying medical conditions.

This plant extract can make you feel younger, help reduce pain, and help your hair to look thicker and more healthy than before!

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