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Benefits and Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant

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Careers in the healthcare industry are expected to grow faster than average, and medical assisting careers are not exception.  Medical assistants play a vital role in the healthcare industry.

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They are generally thought of as the doctor’s right wing man and they perform a variety of clinical, clerical, and administrative duties.  Like most occupations, a career in medical assisting comes with many benefits as well as many challenges – read more.


1 – Job Security

Because quality health care will always be in demand, medical assistants will always be in demand.  Many medical assistants find that they are able to successfully find a job after completing a medical assistant training program.

In some cities and states, medical assistants are in such high demand that hospitals and clinics sometimes offer on the job training.  Medical assistants are likely to have a job in their field for as long as they desire because there is such a high need for their assistance.  Medical assistants are also likely to experience a stable income with excellent benefits.

If they work in a hospital or clinic, they may be able to receive good medical and dental health care coverage. They may also be able to enjoy more paid time off for sickness when compared to other professions because they need to be healthy when they are working with patients.

2 – Service to Others

One of the noblest callings in life is that of giving service to others.  Medical assistants have the opportunity to serve others every day while getting paid.  They are placed in a position where they can offer advice, council, friendship, support, and consolation to those who are struggling through physical, emotional, or psychological hardships.  Medical assistants can go home at the end of every day knowing that they helped change someone’s life for the better.


1 – Work Hours

One potential challenge that some medical assistants encounter is that of having to work odd hours.  Although most medical assistants work in office situations, some are employed at hospitals or other facilities that need them to work around the clock.

Some doctors are called to duty for emergency situations in the middle of the night, and they need medical assistants to help them successfully perform their duties.  Sometimes odd work hours turn out to be a benefit for night owls or others who enjoy having their weekdays free.

If medical assistants prefer to work a typical 9 to 5 schedule, they may be able to find a job at a facility that is only open during daytime hours.  They may also be able to earn seniority so that they can pick their work hours before other newer medical assistants.

2 – High Stress Environment

Medical assistants often work in high stress environments where they may have to make split second decisions that could mean life or death.  Those in this career field should be detail oriented, thorough, and able to handle stressful situations.  Some medical assistants may experience conflicts with demanding or rude doctors.  They must learn how to de-stress and leave emotions at work when their shift ends.

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For more information about the benefits and challenges of becoming a medical assistant and to learn more about how to get started, contact a medical assistant training program online or near you.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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