Magnetic Therapy

While still relatively new to North America, Magnetic Therapy has been used in parts of Eastern and Western Europe for years.  The FDA now oversees and regulates the technology and it has become prevalent in many clinical settings, embraced by practitioners, and found to be useful in both humans and animals.

Magnetic Therapy developed and researched by Bemer is used for a wide variety of ailments and dysfunctions.  Organizations such as NASA have been researching and employing its benefits for over a decade.

Bemer Magnetic Therapy can help fuse broken bones, enhance wound healing, reduce pain and tissue swelling, support muscle function, and also to treat depression. Accelerated nerve regeneration, and increased strength in tendons and ligaments has also been reported in many individuals.  Specific disease states like diabetes, and myocardial dysfunction can also be greatly improved with magnetic therapy.

Clinical evidence shows that Magnetic Therapy reduces pain associated with trauma from accidents, sports injuries, surgeries and burns as well as from disease and degeneration. Bemer Magnetic Therapy can promote reduced inflammation, post-surgery muscle loss, increased range of motion, and faster functional recovery.  Magnetic Therapy improves these conditions in many different concurrent ways including mechanical, chemical, electrical and magnetic processes within the cells of the body.

As understanding and research surrounding these mechanisms expands, specific requirements for field energetics are being redefined and the range of treatable dysfunctions has expanded exponentially.

Like air, water, sun, and gravity exposure, Earth’s naturally produced PEMF is a necessary ingredient for life to exist, grow, and evolve. Although many people are aware that the planet Earth gives off its own magnetic field, they do not know it has a very specific intensity and frequency which propels all life that resides here.

The Earth’s electro-magnetic fields help a bird navigate, a bear hibernate, a whale migrate, an ant colony to carry out organized work, and a bee to locate its hive.  But much more than that, the Earth’s electromagnetic fields, propel life on Earth forward and affect the very core of existence for all species. Electromagnetic impulses are responsible for all the activity in our bodies.  They are what keep our heart beating and brain functioning.

Essentially, our own cells are very similar to an electric battery; subject to states of charge or depletion, and the levels of change between these baselines. When we are injured or sick, our cellular activity stalls and unhealthy cells lack the energy necessary to heal. To reclaim the body’s natural state of health, cell function needs to be restored. Bemer Magnetic Therapy achieves this restoration in the most efficient and labor-free methodology possible.

Busy day to day life in our world is an enormous task to our metabolism and due to no room for serenity results in mental and physical discomfort. The blood circulation in human body is the engine which keeps us going and our entire physical and mental health dependent on it.

Our heart pumps blood through the main arteries but it also highly dependent on the small micro vessels, which reaches the most remote part of the bodies and our busy life style, simply affects these micro vessels very badly.

And without micro vessels working properly, most of our body cells denied the nutrients required for their ideal function and without blood flow to cleanse them, they drown themselves in their own waste and will affect our metabolism function very badly.

This is where Bemer Magnetic Therapy comes into play. Just a two sessions of Bemer Magnetic Therapy every day, boost your blood circulation which not only improve your body’s cardiac system, but also enhance your regenerative abilities and mental health.