Hair Extensions

The wedding bells are soon going to be ringing, and you have finalized your exquisite, delicate dress, makeup, and every other thing, which you always desired to adore on this special day, but what about your hairstyle?

If you have enough thickness and volume of your hair, then you can pick any exotic hairstyle for your special day. But what if you don’t have the needed hair length or volume?

The best solution is to use clip-in hair extensions that can be easily attached to your hair to add that extra flair and thickness. Not only this, you can even create stunning wedding hairstyle with the clip-in hair extensions.

Want to know about them? Just have a look here! Wedding Hairstyle with Hair Extensions.

Retro Hairstyle

The retro hairstyle is exclusive, glamorous, and can be a perfect fit to your special wedding attire. One elegant retro hairstyle is ‘Babette’ that can be styled in various unique ways. You can secure this style with hanging or wavy extensions and decor it with a bridal veil or hair accessories.

The Wedding Shell Hairstyle

This is the perfect hairstyle for classic wedding attire. It is also popularly known as the ‘French Bundle.
Studio portraits with beautiful bride isolated on gray background.Your hairstylist can create numerous variations within this particular style. It can be styled on the crown, on the back of the head, or in diagonal sides.

Romantic Curls

One more popular and exquisite hairstyle is light waves or curls, which are perfect to adorn a romantic bridal makeover. This hairstyle matches well with all types of wedding dresses, and make your neck look thinner, longer, and add grace to the overall appearance.

You can create a bun with the wavy curls or leave it open for a clean and elegant look.

Larger Curls for Waterfall Look

Curls are one of the most preferred notions for styling up wedding hairs. The best attribute about curls is that they can be styled distinctively and made to design numerous hairstyles for framing asymmetric and classic looks.

You can go for pretty curls waved into larger portions. For further enhancement, plan to create a hairstyle with braids, colored hairpins, accessories, flowers, or ribbons.

High Curls Hairstyle

This is another trending hairstyle that can never go wrong for your wedding day. High curls are suitable for females of all face shapes and are a perfect combination to all types of wedding attires.

The special aspect of this hairstyle is that it looks more natural and can be decorated with beautiful embellishments. High curls are one of the most highlighting hairstyles and look gentle on the face.

Delicate Chignon

A low chignon is a great option for your fall wedding. Short hair girls can go for clip-in extensions that can offer enough volume and thickness to the hairstyle. The clip-ins is safe with the natural hair.

But make sure you look for an option that blends well with your natural hair as only then you would be able to avail a clean and an elegant look. The chignon is ideal for a gown or a dress with a deep and extended back design.

Plan Different Braids with Long Hair Extensions

Besides curls, braids are another hair styling notion in vogue. They can be used to create various hairstyles. For instance, you can create a thick side braid, or a braid crown, or a braid with curls.

If you want to leave half of your hairs open, then you can go for a front braid complemented with curls or wavy hairs. For a much cleaner look you can tie your hair up and go for a fishtail or a ponytail braid.

Braids can be decorated with use of various hair accessories or fresh flowers. The flower can be applied in braided hairstyles and delivers a finished and natural look. If you have medium length hair, then you can go for 18-inch long extension and for short hair you can select the 22-inch long clip – in hair extensions.

Go for a Floral Crown or Waves with Flower Decorations

If you want a princess like a look on your big day, then plan a hairstyle with beautiful natural flowers. If you don’t have access to the natural flowers, then there are a plethora of artificial flowers also available, which you can employ to create a soft and charming floral look.

With the floral decoration, you can create a stunning updo or pair a crown with the waves for a youthful and vibrant look for the wedding day. With long extensions, you can even plan a hairstyle by creating flowers, bows, and other intricate designs with the hair.

An Elegant Luxury Bundle

With clip-in extensions, you can plan a luxurious and elegant hair bundle for your wedding day. The hairstyle can be combined with attractive, exquisite flowers and hair veils.

Creating the luxury bundle is possible by picking up hair from the shoulders and face and attaching them to the back of your head with use of clips, pins, silicone rubber, and other hair accessories.

These hairstyles are an ideal way to accentuate your neck, shoulders, and decollete area. It will make you look all the more glamorous and sophisticated.

Greek Goddess Hairdo

If still confused, then go for the elegant, beautiful, and unique Greek goddess hairstyle, which can be tied loose or tight and can be accessorized with almost any piece you wish.

So no wonder what your actual hair length is if you desire to look like a princess on your wedding day then choose hair extensions that can really make a great difference to your persona.