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Basic Facts About Alcoholism Treatment


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Alcohol addiction is one of the most popular conditions across the globe. Everyone knows at least one person who has been struggling with alcoholism. There are thousands of cases of public figures who have been going through different treatments to get rid of this condition.


Prevalence of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a pretty alarming issue. Since there are no or very limited regulations on production and consumption of alcohol, its access have been very easy and simple. In fact it has incorporated into our culture and harming our lives without us even realizing.

However, the condition is not really limited to a certain race or demographic of people. There have been surveys carried out with suggests that men did consume more alcohol than women but that doesn’t mean women are out of this picture. Millions of women are addicted to alcohol as well.

Moreover, Native Americans did consume alcohol the most in 2012. Over 17 million adults in U.S only are addicted to alcohol. And over 88,000 people die due to alcohol-related causes. Alcohol is the most commonly abused drugs amongst teenagers.

Reasons for alcoholism

We are well aware of the fact that alcoholism has been dominating in our culture. Addressing this concern, many authorities have focused on developing more alcohol treatment centres. But the initial task before treating someone with this condition is to know the reason behind it.

One of the basic reasons why people get into excessive drinking of alcohol is the environment in which they grow. The external surroundings in which they breed can be a reason for their engagement in this dangerous substance. Poverty is one of the reason. Since poverty is directly related with stress and depression, people try to eliminate their negative feelings through consuming alcohol.

But there is a wide misconception that poor people are more alcoholic than rich ones. Richer people are targeted more with alcoholism since it has incepted into the rich culture. It just starts with a glass per day and then elevates into much larger number. Media has nowadays glorified drinking and easy accessibility has led to more and more people turning towards alcohol.

Signs and symptoms

Excessive alcohol consumption is not only detrimental to health but also puts more burden on your pocket. It is a waste of money, in fact. Nevertheless, some would consider occasional drinking not a bad thing, however, there are some societies and religions that considers alcohol consumption a sin.

Whatever the implications are, as soon as you find it difficult to spend a day without alcohol, then you are victimized by this disease. Too much reliance on alcohol would eliminate your controlling habits.

Furthermore, withdrawing alcohol would lead to conditions like nausea, vomiting, dizziness and anxiety. You would unconsciously give up on other important activities just for the sake of alcohol. And you would even continue to consume alcohol despite of knowing that it would cause a number of problems. In extreme cases, a person might even experience hallucinations.


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