To many people premature baldness is like a curse. Especially for women this can be a life ruining condition. Baldness is caused by hair loss.

Men and women suffering from hair loss become too much self-conscious and often feel they are getting unattractive. Most people have this belief that hair loss will cause a negative effect on their personal and professional lives.

Having a head full of good hair after going through hair fall treatment will build a person’s self confidence, will ease his insecurities, and increase the will to take part in more social activities. The best way to treat hair fall or baldness is hair transplantation. In the early days, hair transplantation or implant was considered an expensive, risky and rare way of treatment.

It left notable scars on a person’s head. But slowly with development of medical technology, the hair implant surgeries have become effective, less risky and less expensive. Some of the important benefits of modern day hair transplant are;

  • It is possible to get lots of follicle extractions from the donor areas of the head for using in transplants. It is possible to collect 1800 to 4000 hair follicles from a single strip of hair.
  • Modern techniques are manually performed under supervision of experts. The follicular grafts are performed in precise, proper way without causing any damage to the hair roots. This is the only way to have high probability integration of the follicle after the graft.
  • This technique is meticulous and a lot of work is involved. But since several people work at once, it is done quickly because they can carry out multiple activities at the same time.
  • The scaring involved in this hair treatment method is linear. Therefore if necessary, a second or third hair transplant session can be carried out.
  • With modern hair implants, a person can get really satisfactory, natural results, which is easily noticeable. What is more all this can be achieved in a short time.
  • The person undergoing the treatment will not have to endure any pain as modern methods ensure comfort and relaxation.
  • The best part is, after the Fue hair transplant you can go home on the same day.

A big advantage of hair transplantation is that it is a very versatile procedure. Hair transplants are used to treat scarring, male pattern baldness, and also in facial reconstructions. Perhaps the biggest benefit of hair transplant is the aspect of immediate result. If you go for chemical hair loss treatments then it can take months or even years to work.

On the other hand, a hair transplant works quickly and takes only a few hours to complete. This aspect of immediate gratification is a very positive facet of transplant procedure. A very common misconception regarding hair transplants is that many people believe it is a permanent process.

Transplanted hair can go thin too, after some time has passed since the procedure. However, transplanted hair is more resistant to falling and most of the time remains thicker than natural hair.