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How Menopause Affects More Than Just Your Sex Drive, According to the Evvy Founders

Most people are familiar with the taboos and hush-hush attitude surrounding menstruation — but did you know a similar culture exists around menopause? Menopause refers...

What is COFFEE really doing to my body?

Coffee is the no. 2 beverage we drink in copious quantities and whereas alcohol is known to relax us after a stressful day, coffee...
fructose intolerance

How to live with fructose intolerance

Fructose is a sugar naturally occurring in fruits, honey, and vegetables. When you cannot digest or absorb fructose in your body, you have fructose...
Grain Neutral Spirit

Everything you need to know about Grain Neutral Spirit

There are a lot of things where alcohol is being used for. We use it for example for multiple kinds of consumption, but it...

What Aspiring Social Workers Must Consider

There are plenty of roles that involve helping people and society every day, and social work is one of the best of them. It...
Health Tech

Health Tech That’s Changing Medical Measurements

The Covid-19 crisis took many healthcare systems by surprise. As a result, finding a way to alleviate the burden of exhausted medical workers became...
Sizing Your Scrubs

A How To Guide On Properly Sizing Your Scrubs!

The Importance of Sizing Your Medical Scrubs Correctly When it comes to buying quality scrubs, sizing is key! In fact, choosing the wrong size can...

Preventing Allergic Reactions with Disposable Gloves

Living with allergies can be tough. Simple everyday tasks suddenly can seem overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and just plain frustrating. Not knowing when you might come...

Cosmetic Dentistry: What Is It And How Can It Help?

It’s important to look after our health at all times. Life is precious and short, and living healthy and carefully is a great way...
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Fab 4 Foods for Better Digestion

You’ve likely heard the saying, “health begins in the gut.” And it’s true. Often the way you feel and your quality of life can...
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