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pregnancy test

5 Ways to Ensure Accurate Results on Your Pregnancy Test

Taking a pregnancy test can be nerve-racking! The minutes you spend waiting for the test result can feel like hours. Unfortunately, in your excitement...

What is Humanin, and how may it benefit you?

Mitochondria are linked to Humanin (HN), a peptide known as HN. The 24 amino acids that make up the chain of HN form the...

How CBD oil helps Muscle Recovery

CBD has seen an increase in the number of products available using its main active ingredient, through the last few years. One of its...
Tarot Reading

When Should You Consider Using Tarot Reading

There are no specific rules around when or if one should use tarot reading. However, many people always want to get one to mark...
Buying Local Dairy

Why Buying Local Dairy is Good for the Planet

When it's possible, it's always better to buy locally. Money stays in the community, and you support small businesses. When people think of supporting...

Ways To Prepare Yourself Before Going To a Rehab

Fear. Shame. Denial. Get these negative words out of your head when planning to go to rehab. If you already have the idea of...
Money Errors

Money Errors That Are Bad For Your Health

We all make money mistakes, yet some are more damaging than others! The best thing to do is learn from the common money mistakes...
A graphic of hands holding a heart, representing how The Everest Foundation supports the medical industry.

How The Everest Foundation Contributes to the Medical Field

 The Everest Foundation has the reputation of being one of the strongest supporters of medical advancement. Whether it is the technological advances in medicine...
Health Tech

Health Tech That’s Changing Medical Measurements

The Covid-19 crisis took many healthcare systems by surprise. As a result, finding a way to alleviate the burden of exhausted medical workers became...

The 7 Benefits You Can Get From Veneers

Veneers are custom-made, ultra-thin shells that cover your front teeth' surface. It helps improve the appearance of your teeth and gives you a beautiful...
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