Are London Escorts the Answer to Online Dating Woes?

Dating is as big a challenge as ever before. Maybe even more so due to the sheer volume of people that are now looking for love.

Long term relationships are in decline, divorce rates hit an all-time high just a few years ago and the number of people out there looking for a new partner is immense.

Regardless of how you may find a new date, the whole process is lengthy, chancy and potentially expensive. Why, by the way in this age of the modern woman is the guy still expected to buy the drinks, meals, drive and drop her off, but anyway that’s just a gripe.

Traditional Dating – The Old Fashioned Way

Invariably a ‘traditional date’ if such a thing still exists starts with a coffee or a drink at a pre-arranged meeting place. An initial chance to have a look at each other and to see if there is much in common. The lady will be eyeing up the guys shoes, his choice of wine and no doubt his car.

The guy will be doing everything that he can to eye up her figure and getting a little flash or glimpse of flesh whilst remaining as discreet as he can. Some things never change. An hour or two will normally suffice for this first date, then it’s a question of the text acceptance or rejection.

An easy technology cop out that enables her to say that ‘you’re a lovely guy but not quite my type’ instantly dismissing the chance of an erotic encounter sometime soon. Oh well, only £40 and counting.

If the guy is happy to play the numbers game then eventually he will find some attractive, like minded soul that shares his interests and wants to meet again – maybe go for a meal?

So again, another hard earned £40 on the first meeting then the pleasure of picking her up and taking her somewhere nice to impress her. Naturally the guy will be driving so he will have the pleasure of a single glass of Chardonnay while she sips her way through the rest of the bottle. Oh well, potentially a good investment if she gets a little tipsy and frisky maybe.

Then comes the lift home. Will he get a kiss in the car? Expensive kiss so far at £140. Will he be invited in? Are her kids home? Regardless of what anyone says or thinks he is ready for some fun now.

Pulling up outside her house she thanks him for a lovely evening and proudly pronounces that she would love to see him again. Great he thinks, how long is she going to drag this out until they find out if they really are compatible?


The Cost of Dating Has Increased

Should this all really matter if you are potentially finding the woman of your dreams?

But why is it that women of a certain age feel that they have the crown jewels in their knickers and nothing short of a mortgage deposit is going to give you the tiniest access?

Years ago all girls were happy to fumble around in the car and enjoyed it just as much as the guy did. But now they have become all precious and pious when in reality their options for bedroom fun are becoming less and less and they should really be doing all they can to get this guy hooked.

So Are Escorts The Answer?

Quite simply it depends what you are looking for? If a guy is honest with himself he will put up with a lot to get his leg over. Countless drinks out, coffees, country walks, meeting her kids and little surprise presents are all a necessary part of the process.

How would it be if he could choose exactly the lady that he fancies for the evening. A teen blonde London escort with a knockout figure maybe, just like the girls from Dare he?

Or how about a leggy stunning eastern European brunette with tiny hard breasts like billiard balls and an ass to crack nuts in? And guess what? If he’s not inclined he doesn’t have to buy countless drinks and endure mindless chit chat about kids, flower arranging club and her work.

Agree a rate for her ‘company’ and your accountant would be proud of your responsible budgeting and cash flow forecasts in your quest for your Holy Grail.

And the real icing on the cake, its guaranteed and you don’t need to give her a lift home after.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

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