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Anti-Aging Methods: 7 Skin Care Myths and Truths

As you age, your skin does not retain its same elasticity, moisture, and firmness as it did during your youth. In today’s world, the appearance of your skin is more important than ever. If you are an older woman, you have probably tried everything to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

However, some of the common treatment methods for anti-aging simply don’t work. Check out the top myths and their hidden truths below:

Myth 1: Not Everyone Needs Sunscreen

This is a complete myth. Sunscreen can help prevent the damaging effects of the sun on the skin- not to mention skin cancer. Just because there is no sun in the sky that day, or even if you have a darker skin tone, you still need sunscreen to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. You probably have to use more than you think as well. Most dermatologists recommend using a dime’s worth on your face and neck alone.

Myth 2: The More Expensive, The Better

You don’t have to spend a lot to keep your skin looking healthy. Just because something is expensive does not mean that it is healthy.

What is more important than the price is the ingredients. Your $100 night cream will not work better than the $8 drug store bottle if the only ingredients in the night cream are water and perfumes. Look for anti-aging ingredients, like collagen, vitamin C, vitamin A, retinol, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and anti-oxidants.

Myth 3: Soap and Water is Good for the Skin

Sadly, most women use soap on their skin, but in reality, soap is one of the worst things you can put on your face. Washing your skin frequently with soap and water will strip away necessary oils from your face, leaving it dry, prone to breakouts, and un-moisturized. This will make your skin age faster and make wrinkles appear sooner.

Myth 4: The More Ingredients The Better

In reality, a few of the right ingredients for your face are better than a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. Many eye creams and anti-aging serums are packed with unnecessary ingredients that may do more harm than good. Look for simple formulas containing the key ingredients listed above. Anything else added can damage your skin and may actually cause wrinkles or breakouts.

Myth 5: Moisturizing Soap Eliminates Dryness

Actually, any soap-based cleaner is bad for the skin. Rather, you want a cleanser that is moisturizing and does not contain any soap. Oil-based cleansers are good for all types of skin. Just choose an oil formula designed for your skin type, because using the wrong kind of oil may do more harm than good.

Myth 6: Irritating Your Skin is Good

Actually, abrasive products do about what you should expect- irritate the skin. Irritating your skin does not actually make your skin healthier. There are many non-irritating products, such as anti-aging vitamin C serum products, that can benefit your skin without peeling, redness, or irritation. You don’t have to irritate your skin to fight wrinkles and aging.

Myth 7: Diet Doesn’t Matter

In actuality, what you eat can have more influence on your skin than anything else. If you have a diet rich in processed foods, heavy fats, and chemically-processed foods, your skin will age faster. The same thing is true of excessive alcohol use and smoking.

These substances are incredibly bad for the skin. To maintain healthy, youthful skin, eat plenty of healthy fats (fish, avocado, and nuts), fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of liquids throughout the day.

With these myth-busters, you’ll find you uncover your better, more youthful skin in no time.

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