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Anklet Charms and Hot Wives What Do They Mean?

Women all over the world love to accessorise. From putting on necklaces to wearing makeup and buying the latest trending clothes, women are ready to spend so much on looking beautiful. However, certain fashion items have hidden meanings, but we fail to pay attention to these meanings in the 21st century. One crucial fashion item that has sparked up controversy over the years is the choker.

Mainly because the neck piece comes off as a BDSM gear when a lady put it on in public, it is assumed that she’s giving off an impression that she is sexually available however this sexual misconception doesn’t mean that chokers are not cute. Choker, however, is not only the only fashion item that has a hidden meaning, but the anklet or ankle chain also has its fair share of significance.

Anklet, ankle chains, or ankle bracelet have been worn throughout the history of different cultures around the world by women. Not just as a fashion item but as a way to signify social status and sexual availability. In ancient Egyptian culture, women from different social classes wore anklets as a means of adornment.

These leg ornaments were made from various metals and beads for the rich ladies who could afford gold they wore gold anklets and for the middle-class ladies they wore anklets made from silver or other metals. Anklets came and still comes in different forms and designs. Some of them with fringes and others just simple chain strings.

Also, recorded Egyptian history points that worshipers of Baal prescribed the use of anklet by prostitutes so that other members of the society could quickly identify them. With the introduction of Islam in Egypt women no longer put on anklets in public places as the religion sees it as an immodest form of dressing. Dancers, however, and other public performers wear anklets at events.

Furthermore, in ancient Indian culture, anklets with dangling charms were worn by married women as ornaments to signify their presence so that family members would know when they were approaching and accord them the required respects.

Married women who were anklets in ancient India were not to be caught talking about inappropriate topics. However, dancing girls still put on anklets with bells on them to perform in ceremonies to this day in India.

In today’s world, a lot of women and young ladies put on anklets as a mere trinket without attaching any meaning to it. However, what it actually means when a married woman puts on an anklet is that she is sexually available to other men sometimes with the consent of her husband. A married woman who puts on an anklet is referred to as a hot wife.

Who is a hot wife?

Anklet Charms

Though we do not see them every day, hot wives are women who have been given consent by their husbands to have sex with other men even though they remain dedicated to them as wives. A hot wife puts on an anklet as a way to send the message across to other men that she’s available for sexual relations but not ready to settle with them as she already has a husband.

Because a lot of women who are not hot wives put on anklets, you would hardly identify those the hot wives as some of them even leave their anklets as simple strings, so they’re scarcely identifiable. However certain anklet charms help you distinguish a hot wife from a random girl putting on an anklet.

To people who do not know what anklet charms mean, when they see someone putting on an anklet, it’s just another chain on the ankle. But to those who know the deeper meaning and already know what the charms signify it is easy to separate a hot wife from a random girl.

An anklet with two female symbols and a male symbol signifies that the wearer is a hot wife. Also, anklets with the heart charm and a letter q usually accompanied with a tattoo of the playing card heart symbol with the letter q in it mean that the hot wife has a sexual preference for men of colour.

Some hot wives are very dedicated to their husbands but are available for mutual benefits relationships such hot wives put on anklets with a series of heart charms. The most interesting of all anklet charms is the key charm.

When a leg chain has a key and any other sign, it means that the wife holds the key to the husband’s happiness. In other words, the husband is not allowed to achieve orgasm without his wife’s permission.

Now that you are informed about what these signs mean, it should be easy for you to point out a hot wife when you see one or even get close if you are into such women.

Leg chains are adorable and sexy so if you feel like you can rock them without thinking of what people have to say, by all means, go ahead.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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