In recent years demand for cannabis strains high in CBD content has increased to replace the demand of high THC content strains.

Cannabis, also called marijuana, is a drug taken from the cannabis plants that is used by pharmacies in their medicines.

One of the main components of cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis can be broadly divided into three main categories; indica, sativa and hybrid, but there are several more strains into which dispensaries divide cannabis.

Different strains are appropriate for different medical conditions and are suitable under particular circumstances.

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

CBD refers to an important molecule found in cannabis plants which have certain medicinal properties. In recent years demand for cannabis strains high in CBD content has increased to replace the demand of high THC content strains.

This is because of the benefits CBD offers over THC; pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, reducing nausea, anxiety, seizures and sleep disturbances like insomnia. CBD can also be used as a general symptom relief to increase feeling of wellness.

Weeds High in CBD Content

High CBD strains are beneficial because they provide the medicinal properties of cannabidiol without causing intoxication or getting you loaded with drugs.

Among the High CBD Weed Strains, Hemp flowers are the most popular. Hemp flowers are produced by the female Cannabis Sativa flower strain.

Hemp flower products like Lifter CBD hemp flower and pineberry CBD hemp flower are easily available in markets and can be used to create a healthy life. There are different hemp flowers including the following:

Charlotte’s web

A breed between industrial hemp and marijuana, Charlotte’s web is a strain developed by the Stanley brothers. This strain is high in cannabidiol and low in THC (17% cannabidiol).

The low THC makes this strain suitable for children because it can provide therapeutic benefits but leaves out the effects of THC.

Cherry wine

With 19-21% CBD and only 1%THC cherry wine is a suitable strain that is known for its calming and relaxing effect, combined with its stress-relief properties. It is a blend of berry, cherry and caryophyllene which makes it peppery and woody.


High in sativa-strain, harlequin is one of the Thai sativa, Nepali indica strains, Swiss landrace and Colombia gold. In Harlequin, the ratio of CBD to THC is usually 5:2, wit 8-16% CBD and 4-7% THC. Harlequin is a suitable treatment of inflammation, anxiety and pain.

Choosing the Right Strain

The choice of strain is largely dependent on the effect you want to experience, but it is not the only thing to be noted before you choose a strain. Many strains have negative side effects and it is wise to consider these before you finalize your decision.

Some strains for example can lead to dizziness, dry eyes and mouth and many can react with other medicines and have a negative impact on one’s health.

Cannabis is legal in some countries so many opt for growing and harvesting their own crops.

If you wish to start your own cannabis production, you would begin with the harvest starter kit which includes a microscope to examine the bud and decide whether it is ready for harvest, pruning shears, drying rack, gloves and a disinfectant.

With these simple tools, you can begin your own production!