Hand Washing Sink

Where there’s good hygiene, there’s also good health — any harmful bacteria is quickly wiped out, and the risk of exposure to infectious diseases is significantly reduced. But maintaining hygiene is only as good as the tools at our disposal to do so.

Good hygiene can be practiced simply with proper and frequent hand washing. And while it’s a no-brainer at home, indoors, and virtually anywhere with working plumbing, it’s hard to practice in settings with no access to clean, running water.

Portable sinks offer a great alternative: they allow everyone to maintain good hand hygiene in any setting — including outdoors, where public washrooms are few and far in between, and sometimes poorly cleaned and maintained.

A portable sink can be installed anywhere, so users can access clean water for hand washing after eating and other activities in outdoor events like food truck festivals, and even in workplaces like construction sites. With these hygiene benefits, a portable sink is a simple and easy investment in your good health.

Why Buy A Portable Sink?

It’s easy to take washrooms and modern plumbing systems for granted because they’re everywhere — that is, until they’re not. While they’re a basic fixture in indoor settings, they’re hard to access in temporary, outdoor, and under-construction spaces.

A portable sink solves this problem, allowing guests and staff alike to practice good hygiene and sanitation, and reduce the transmission of bacterial and viral infections as they come in contact with frequently touched surfaces.

As its name suggests, a portable sink is exactly that — it can be wheeled or transported to any indoor or outdoor location to set up a mobile hand washing station.

Portable sinks also come with a range of features and customizations, such as both hot and cold water, soap dispensers, steppers or accessible height configurations, and multiple basins, so users can wash their hands and tools and prevent cross-contamination, especially when food prep or chemicals are involved.

The best part about a portable sink is the ease of use — it requires little to no setup outside of wheeling the unit to the desired location and refilling the water tanks to dispense clean water.

Even in indoor settings like classrooms, clinics, and small offices, it’s much more affordable than undergoing renovations to install plumbing fixtures; as well, because it’s portable, you can set up multiple units to increase access to handwashing stations and promote better hygiene habits.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Portable Sink

Are you thinking of buying a portable sink? Portable sinks come in various sizes, heights, and configurations to suit different handwashing and sanitation requirements.

Before buying, check to see which type of portable sink is best for your needs. Consider where it will be used, who its users are, and what your sanitation requirements are.

Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Do you require accessible heights, such as for kid-friendly use? Check these features to see which ones you need:

  • Design: what colour and finish best suits your indoor or outdoor use?
  • Hand washing: do you need dual storage tanks for hot and cold water taps, as well as a soap and paper towel dispenser?
  • Accessible height: will the sink be used by kids in daycare centres or schools?
  • Number of basis and sinks: do you need a single, double, triple, or quadruple-basin setup for multiple, simultaneous use in busy locations, as well as to prevent cross-contamination between tools and food items or chemicals?
  • Material: do you prefer polycarbonate for indoor use, or stainless steel for enhanced portability and durability in highly public outdoor settings?
  • Operation: do you prefer a foot pump for efficient water consumption, or a power-operated unit for easier use?
  • Accessories: how much additional space do you need to fit extra features?

Choose between these features, or opt for a fully customizable portable sink that allows you to get the best of robust, heavy-duty use with a stainless steel body, multiple basins, and other accessories, at an accessible or adjustable height.

The right portable sink provider will offer excellent customer service and extended warranty options to help you maximize your investment in health and hygiene.

Tips To Care For Your Portable Sink

The long-lasting function of a portable sink is all in its proper use and care. Get the most out of your portable sink by ensuring it’s properly used, cleaned, and maintained.

Start by familiarizing yourself with its key components: the basin and counter, dedicated cold and hot water tanks, specialized tubings, pump, and heater.

Sanitize these parts thoroughly after every use, and book a regular maintenance service to check the tanks’ condition. Avoid using bleach to clean, and instead stick to a safe, toxic-free cleanser and soft, non-abrasive cloth.

When using the portable sink, make sure it is set up in a location with an accessible power source, and keep it dry and out of freezing temperatures. Avoid filling the tanks with extremely hard water and any cleaner with heavy mineral content to prevent excessive scale build-up in the heater and faucet, and permanently damage the unit.

After use, make sure to turn off the sink, but leave the faucets open. As well, wipe down any wet or damp portion of the cabinet immediately and clean it.

Then, remove any debris from the strainer, and clean the sink aerator, filter, tank and tank connectors, pump system, and other internal parts.

A Portable Sink Today, Lasting Hygiene for Years

If there’s one thing that recent events have taught us, it’s the life-saving value of good hygiene. Previously, a portable sink was only often thought of as an alternative to traditional washrooms and plumbing systems, especially in remote or outdoor locations.

But investing in one today means more than that. With wheels for easy transport, foot pump, battery, or electrical operation, and customizable features, a portable sink increases access to healthy hygiene — wash your hands on-the-go, wherever you are.