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Addiction Facts: Why People Get Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol

If someone has never experienced an addiction, it can be hard for them to understand why and how people get addicted. There are many different reasons why a person may abuse the use of alcohol and drugs. For those who are experiencing an addiction, it can become a very challenging and lonely time.

In many cases, they can’t understand why their body longs so much for drugs or alcohol. It’s important for those who are suffering from an addiction, and their family or friends, to understand why people might start to use drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Understanding Addiction

When someone becomes addicted to one drug, it’s not uncommon for them to try other drugs as well. There’s a Periodic Table of Drug Addiction that shows how people in one of the categories can develop a problem with another drug on the table due to it mimicking the effects of their first addiction.

Choosing to take one of the other drugs can cause them to relapse to their original drug of choice – this is referred to as cross-addiction. Understanding the facts can help you or a loved one avoid the serious issues related to addiction. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people turn to abusive substances to help you gain a better understanding.

Mental Illnesses

If someone has a mental illness such as bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression, they often feel like they’re in a horrible dark hole and turn to alcohol or drug use to ease their suffering. Suffering from a mental illness can be a scary experience, and in some cases, the individual may choose to suffer in silence as they’re worried about getting help. They’ll try anything to get rid of their pain, and this can lead to drug or alcohol abuse.

Role Models

As a child and teenager, a person is very susceptible to influences. If they see a role model such as a family member, friend or even someone on television using drugs and drinking alcohol excessively, it can influence them to do so as well. Individuals who have a family history of alcohol or substance abuse are at much higher risk of becoming an addict compared to those that have a family history of no drug or alcohol abuse.


Many people experience stress from their job, family relationships, money, education and their general health. If they find that alcohol or drugs can relieve the stress that they feel, they’ll begin to depend on the substance.


If someone has been on prescribed painkillers for an extended period of time due to being injured or born with chronic pain, they can become addicted to the feeling that a drug gives them and become dependent. If they can no longer get a hold of the drug from a doctor, some individuals will move to illegal drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Facilities

If you’re suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, find a Detox Local facility in your area. Addiction doesn’t just affect your life; it also affects those who are close to you. Going to an alcohol and drug detox facility is your first step to recovery. If you have an addiction, it can be dangerous to stop abruptly or go cold turkey. A detox facility can help you recover safely.

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