Lookout by Google

There are different types of physical challenges and disabilities, and what is familiar with most of them seems to have a habit of making life difficult.

Whether it is hearing impairment, visual impairment, or just being physically disabled, there is a high possibility that you will not be able to use your tablet or smartphone the same way everybody else uses theirs.

That is nothing worth feeling bad about okay because technology has advanced, and there are now lots of apps that can assist you and make working your smartphone easier.

Below are some cool accessibility apps and disabled apps for Android.

Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite (Used to be known as Google Talkback) is a useful accessibility feature by google. The goal of this app is to help people who are visually impaired to navigate their devices easily.

It is easy to activate this app through the Settings menu. The mobile app will then become helpful to the visually impaired person when it comes to interacting with their devices. It is a reasonably basic application but very effective.

Android Accessibility suite adds features such as vibration, audible, and spoken feedback. The goal is to help the user understand what is happening on their device better.

It is somewhat rough around the edges. However, this app comes with almost every version of Android. There’s nothing to risk when you give it a shot. Download

Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner is one cool nifty tool created for developers. The app will act as your assistant by looking over your app.

It will then suggest possible improvements that you could make to your application. The main goal with this app is to help make the app you are creating friendlier to the end-users.

When using this app, some of the improvements that will be suggested are improving on the text and background contrast, making inputs bolder or larger, and in general, making whatever is written easier to read.

It is an app that is relatively easy to use. There is almost no reason why developers should not use this app whenever they choose to create new apps. It’s one of the outstanding disabled apps and accessibility apps for android. Download

Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is an app that gives you virtual buttons. With these virtual buttons, the users can navigate their devices easily without trying to touch it.

The app comes with virtual volume buttons, home button, back button, screenshots button, and lots more. The app can also help to turn off your screen without needing to click any buttons.

It is a fantastic choice for people who have issues with tasks like that kind. Unfortunately, it comes with a variety of unnecessary features as well, like RAM cleaning, boosting, and many other features.

You have no use for those unnecessary features, but everything else should make navigation easy for you. Download

Envision AI

Envision AI is one of the most recent accessibility apps for those who use Android. It works by using your phone camera to narrate what is going on around you.

For example, if you can point your android phone at your partner across the table and the device will tell you that there is a person sitting there and talk about whatever other objects your partner may have with them.

The app is also useful for reading handwriting and documents, scan barcodes, and also comes with support for 60 languages. If you want, you can teach the Envision app the trusted members of your family are, and the app will do well to remember.

The app comes at a somewhat pricey rate, but it may help some people. Download

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a fantastic application for the sort of help you need. It has a voice-operated interface that all users can access from any interface on an Android device.

Google assistant is a beneficial app as it allows users to do the basics without having to touch their phones. That includes reading and sending text messages, placing calls, opening apps, and lots more.

It can be much more helpful with stuff like turning off smart lights and other things of that nature. Google does an excellent job of adding new features to the Google Assistant from time to time, so there will be features to meet whatever need arises in the future.

The only downside to using this app is how it can drain battery life a lot of the time.

Google’s Voice Access setting that can be found on Android also allows you to control other parts of your device using your voice, and it is made explicitly for disabled folks as well. Download

Google Maps

Google Maps is an app that almost anyone will find useful as it is not directly for the disabled or for those handicapped.

However, it comes with a variety of valuable tools that will be of great help to people with those kinds of challenges. You can easily find stuff with the aid of wheelchair accessible entrances, and there is use for the turn-by-turn navigation even while walking.

The good this is that they also have a tiny group of engineers that work mainly on accessibility features, like disability-friendly transit options. Note that it takes some digging in the app, but it is indeed a pretty decent experience for stuff like this. Download


IFTTT is an app almost everybody can use, but it stands as one of the most useful automation apps out there. It is a mobile app that assists you in setting up several automated actions.

It comes in handy for a lot of valuable things. That includes helping to read your texts and chat messages out loud, turning off your smart lights with the right equipment, and many other cool stuff.

With a little bit of investment, anyone can make most of their house compatible with the aid of IFTTT. Whether you have challenges or not, life can be made a whole lot easier for so many people.

However, note that it will take some serious work and potentially some good money. The good part is that the IFTTT app is entirely free and doesn’t require that you upgrade to a premium package or anything like that.

You can also easily find recipes for IFTTT with a basic Google search. It is one of the most useful for automation. Download


JABtalk is an Android app created to help non-verbal kids and adults communicate.

With it, any person can seamlessly build sentences from words, arrange words into user-defined groups, import images, audio, and more. To emphasize how cool it is, the app has text-to-speech capabilities.

There is a helpful backup feature that you can use when you have to transfer your settings to a brand new device. It fundamentally transforms any necessary Android device into a fantastic AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) device.

The best part? This mobile app is also completely free. For now, it is not a popular one or anything of that sort. The app is still working through a few bugs in the meantime.

However, it is better than most Android disabled apps out there. Download

Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe is a reliable and well-thought new app for people who are hearing impaired.

The app can listen and translate what a person says into text for straightforward comprehension. Nevertheless, the app games things a notch higher with its ability to understanding deaf speak and go further to translating that for others as well.

The app works quite similarly to the way Google Translate does, except that it focuses more on helping the hard of hearing instead of doing the switch of languages. It also has the occasional bug like JABtalk, but most users can enjoy it just fine.

It is also an entirely free app. Google has also launched the Sound Amplifier with Live Transcribe, and it is beautiful for boosting sound for those who are hearing impaired. Download

Lookout by Google

Lookout by Google may be a little confusing because there is an antivirus app that has the same name. However, it is an entirely different application.

This is an excellent accessibility app by Google for the visually impaired. To use it, you must point the camera at objects, and your phone will dictate what the objects are.

It can easily recognize things such as animals and people, walls, steps, traffic, and other likely obstacles.

From available user reviews, we have deduced that this app is much more accurate than many of its competitors, and can easily read things like menus and documents.

It is an entirely free Android application and a must for that visually impaired person you care about. Download

These are 10 of the coolest accessibility apps and disabled apps for Android. We hope that you will find them helpful. Leave a comment below, letting us know what you think about these apps, and what other apps should have made this list. We appreciate your feedback.