Do you have a drug or alcohol problem? Well, admitting it has just gotten you halfway towards a full recovery. The next step now is to decide when and how to seek treatment.

If you’re wondering whether your addiction is severe enough to merit rehabilitation, you’re not alone. Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicate that while some 23 million individuals need treatment for addiction in the US, less than one percent receive the help they need.

In truth, however, you don’t have to hit rock bottom to get into rehab. The fact that you’re thinking about getting help means it’s probably the right step to take. Don’t let nasty eventualities like broken relationships and court orders be the reason you check into a treatment centre. Below are five convincing reasons to seek help for drug addiction sooner rather than later.

Quitting an addictive drug is not as simple as you may think

For many people, the false prospect of future willpower is what keeps them from seeking immediate treatment. What they don’t realise, however, is that the further down the hole they fall, the harder it gets to climb back to the surface.

An addictive drug alters the chemistry of your brain, changing its reward system. So, when you eventually decide to get treatment, your mind will work hard against you, and you’ll need all the help in the world to quit.

If you’ve recently realised that you may have a drug problem, then seek treatment as soon as possible. It may seem easy to quit now, but things will only get more difficult down the road.

Your health will only get worse

Drugs tend to have a diminishing effect on your brain, which means that staying hooked for longer gradually increases your tolerance, making you need more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect.

You’ll, therefore, be intoxicating your body at a faster rate tomorrow than you are today, and the horrible symptoms of detox will only get more severe.

The power won’t be in your hands forever

Most people suffering from addiction don’t seek treatment until something catastrophic happens in their life. In reality, however, the consequences of your drug problem will only increase with time.

For instance, if your dependence for alcohol is starting to weigh heavy on your wallet, deciding to seek help soon may get you into a better program than doing it later, when you are neck-deep in debt.

Although going to rehab can be a choice now, there will come a time when you’ll be forced by your physical condition, your friends, family, or even by the judge to get treatment. It’s better to do it now when the ball is still in your court.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose

Checking into rehab may feel like you’re proclaiming to the world that you have a drug problem, but what you’re probably overlooking is that everyone around you will be proud that you have finally decided to quit.

A successful recovery will make your life better in a lot of ways. You’ll mend torn relationships, you’ll get your health back, and your finances will improve. Whatever that is holding you back from seeking treatment now is nothing compared to the numerous benefits of making a full recovery from addiction.

Addiction kills!

Having a drug problem means relying on a substance so much that you relinquish your ability to choose what’s best for your mind and body. Addiction can get you into unfortunate life-threatening situations, including drunk driving and drug-related violence, not to mention the adverse effect that drugs and excessive alcohol consumption can have on your physical well-being.

More than 200,000 people die from drug-related eventualities in the US, and a good number of those deaths result from unintentional drug poisoning. You may be thinking you have all the time in the world to get treatment, but for active drug addicts, the end is always around the corner.


Addiction is a lifelong disease and recovering requires that you eliminate the physical dependence while also addressing the psychological aspect. Overcoming addiction means changing the way you think and feel for the long run, and the best way to achieve this is with help from a professional.

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