Hair Transplant

The ramp up to the happy endings of stories normally do not happen with a surgeon holding a knife on top of your head.

Hair transplant, is one of the wonderful new technologies that could help you get your confidence back to full throttle, at least if you are suffering from hair loss.

This story is about a customer service representative who makes his living talking to clients. It is his task to cater to the whims of the customers with a perfect smile on his face.

But while Joey can train to appear as lively and approachable in any given situation, there are some aspects of his look that he cannot quite control – at least not until he learned about

We are going to take a look at Joey’s journey from the expanding center of the hair whorl into the top of a thick full hair as a customer service star.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is trumatic no matter how people frame it. Most men go through stages in their young lives learning about hair products and the kinds that suit them best.

Joey was one of them as he vividly recalls spending all of his allowance on the latest hair gel, then hair clay. And later his experiments would lead him to trying on longer hairstyles and hair color.

It is an exhilarating experience how a simple mound of keratin can directly change an entire person’s look, a person’s aura, and truly, a man’s life.

Joey came from a long line of men who had thick hair so he did not have the slightest clue of what was to come. His dad always had full hair, albeit he noticed that they became thinner as he grew older.

He even recalled how he remarked how good his dad looked when they carried him to his final resting face. He turned to his wife and said how he wished he’d have the same grayish luster when he grows old.

Genetics do play a large role in hair fall so Joey can’t really be faulted for not giving his hairline too much attention later in his 20s and 30s.

He had a nice crowning glory so to speak in his head that let her land a few dates, and finally netting himself the woman of his dreams. He is not terrifyingly good looking but he always had a certain charm in his smile that demands the attention of the opposite sex.

And the killer is the hairstyle which perfectly matches his stern jawline. His time allotted in his younger years to find the perfect hairstyle paid off.

The first time he knew he had a problem was when he was in his mid-30s. A small yet unsubtle patch has gone from the center of his scalp akin to a patch of grass thoroughly stripped from the middle of a golf course.

It caused him worry but he had the perfect solution to cover the unsightly bare skin. He grew a ponytail to cover the space and slowly the vacant patch in his scalp grey hair once more.

This one can probably be chalked up to sheer coincidence as it has not been known for men to recover from hair loss in such a simplistic way. Nevertheless, it worked and Joey was on track again.

Hair loss finally reared its ugly bald head when joey was in his late 30s. The bald spot could no longer be hidden and his hair cannot practically grow long enough anymore to cover it up. He now had to face the realities of being an aging man and that means fighting baldness.

Finding Hair in the Workplace

Career and personality seems to always go hand in hand. Despite a lot of research showing that good looks cannot necessarily take you on top, there is generally an agreement on how important it is to look presentable.

On the service industry in particular, looking your best would generally work for you and this is no different on the customer service field that Joey works in.

Some men can rock being bald and these few people are usually way too handsome to look bad anyway. Joey did not fall in that category.

Unfortunately, the shape of his head fails him and it would do well for him to keep it hidden. But now, with his balding storm brewing, he probably will not have any choice anymore.

The moment of truth came when one of his colleagues exclaimed that something was wrong with his head. Joey quickly surmised that it was the shape of his head that had his colleague taken aback and not the fact that his hair was thinning.

But that just makes it worse, his hair can no longer hide the shape of his head and this might mean that there will be rough days ahead.

Hair Loss is a Tragedy

Days went by in Joey’s workplace and he can feel the steady decline of his popularity from his colleagues, the customers and even the management. He was the star of the customer service wing, but now people are just weirded out by him.

The tipping point was when management approached him and asked him if he was interested in a desk job in the main office.

It was clear to him what was going on and he did not like it one bit. His appearance may have started to become a detriment to his work effectiveness and worse, the problem might also be affecting his co-workers.

He politely declined the offer but before doing so, he had already made up his mind. He is going to do something about his hair loss and save his job, and indeed, his life.

Best Hair Transplant

Joey considered a few options to combat his hair loss. There was the toupee and the wig which are classic solutions. Unfortunately for him, he is too young to have one of those and he worries that his toupee might be glaringly out of place, more so than a bald patch.

So Joey decided that he will have a hair transplant and he steered his life back on track.