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A Girl’s Biggest Anal Sex Fears

Guys are always excited when it comes to but stuff, and trust me they’d be more excited if they found a woman who is passionate about anal sex as they are.

Sometimes when the men in our lives talk about sucking the “D” into the back hole, we just smile and shrug then maybe say things like “night tonight baby, maybe next time”. And we give them back the lube.

It is not as if we don’t care about your pleasure, you just need to understand that our butt holes have to be wooed sometimes.

As much as we love sex, men need to realize that the topic of anal sex can be a scary one for us sometimes even though some of us have taken the risk of having sex like that before. You may be wondering why someone who has tried anal sex before is scared.

Well, if your dick is bigger than that of the guy who did it the first time, then we have a million and one reasons to be scared.

Oh and then there is the part where we haven’t done any butt related stuff for the past six or seven years you should understand that within that time frame our butt hole must have tightened back up.

The truth of the matter is, we really want to try this thing with you, but that can only happen if you start taking our fears seriously.

So unless we get some kind of reassurance and you can help us completely relax and get comfortable about anal sex, then you just need to understand that it won’t happen.

Below are some a girl’s biggest fears when it comes to doing things through the backdoor. Somehow we hope that you’ll be able to understand and maybe just stick to the self-lubricating hole in front.

1. There’s the shit accident

So we are scared of the kind of shitty things that can happen during anal sex. What if somehow your penis got stained by our poop?

What if you stick your dick up our asshole made us feel the urge to poop so badly and then we run out of the bed to the toilet?

We would be so scared and embarrassed plus you know how much that would kill your mood. No man wants that, so we can avoid that if a site to just stick to the vagina.

2. Getting haemorrhoids

You might want to say enough sex is not something we’ll be doing all the time but trust me we have seen pictures of cauliflower butts that men who have sex through the back door with other men have to live with.

That is a very scary thing even in pictures, and I’m one of the many people in this world who will choose a butt hole that is still intact over whatever kind of pleasure you are offering. Besides, what if you ruin my butt hole and run off with another woman? I’m going to end up caring that cauliflower cross all on my own.

3. Anal sex will hurt really bad

You know how scared ladies get when they consider having sex for the first time? You’ll have to multiply that fear by a hundred when the topic of anal sex if raised.

We are not only scared of the pain, but we are also scared we will bleed so bad and maybe be unable to walk normally for a while. No matter how hard you try to convince us we can’t get that fear out of our head and we are not sorry about that.

4. The small urban legends

So we know this person who knows that person who is always eager to have anal sex and then she ended up with a spastic colon that she has to live with for the rest of her life.

Somewhere in our head, we know that this probably did not happen because of her love for anal sex, but still, we will be forever linked anal sex with rectal disorders.

And then there is that friend in college who had a gay roomie, and his roommate had to get a probe up his anus because something got torn during anal sex. That roommate has to carry this doughnut pillow thing around to sit on for a very long time.

5. Leaking or treating

Talking about that my friend’s roommate from college who had that serious problem with his butt hole, it is difficult not to imagine something that awful happening to me if I choose to have anal sex.

What if the man in fucking is inexperienced and decides to just stick his dick in as fast as he can? Something is definitely going to get damaged.

And then what if our asshole stretches out so much and we have to deal with a leaky but till we have great-grandchildren and die?. And for those of us who have read the book titled wetlands, there are too many images we can’t forget.

6. The fear of anal queefing

Is this even a real thing, or it’s just a fancy name for fart? We don’t really care but we are scared it will happen, and we will feel embarrassed.

I mean, what if it stinks and you start to look at us funny, or you just lose interest in having sex? You see we are not trying to be selfish here.

7. The part of powerlessness

We would be hiding from the reality of things if we do not talk about the power play involved in anal sex between two people of the opposite sex.

The entire arrangement puts a woman in a position of total submission and powerlessness. This may bring back bad memories for women who have been rape victims, and that will lead to extra also anxiety.

8. The fear that you’ll never want to vagina again

So we are off the bottom that when you go through the back, you next go back. Some men may want to deny this, but we have heard you fellows talk about how it’s tighter and more pleasurable for you, so we assume you’ll abandon the vagina once we give you the butt hole.

These are only eight of the many things we fear will happen if we give you our butt hole. If there are other fears I have forgotten to mention or you have anything you’d love to share with us, please use the comment section below.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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