Corpectomy Surgery

If you are suffering from terrible backache and your doctor has suggested corpectomy surgery, go for it. Corpectomy is a medical procedure used to eliminate portion of the vertebrae.

It is also used to treat adjacent discs which are close to the vertebra when the spinal cord or spinal fluid has been compressed for far too long. The removed bone is generally replaced by a metal plate and fitted with screws.

This is done to ensure stability in a person. Corpectomy is generally employed when more than one cervical disc needs to be eliminated. The process can vary depending on the patient’s requirement. For certain people it is easier to get rid of two or more discs as and when required since the spurs which accumulate between the bones are removed as well.

Removing a certain section of the vertebra makes work easy for surgeons as a larger working area comes into play. Without it, they would have to work in a narrow vertebral zone. Corpectomy is also extremely beneficial when we are treating tumors in the spinal chord.

There are numerous advantages when we are talking about corpectomy surgery. A Brief Summary on Corpectomy Surgery will tell us exactly why it is supposed to be so useful. Firstly there is no involvement of general anesthesia.

Since local anesthesia is used the patient can give their feedback which results in greater accuracy. Also the long term effects of corpectomy outnumber most other surgical processes when we are talking about vertebrae.

A recent study shows that patients who underwent corpectomy had extremely positive results even a couple or more years later. Blood loss is minimal in case of corpectomy and can be as much as 8 times lesser than normal surgery.

Another interesting point happens to be the fact that patients in their unconscious state generally tend to complain of nerve damage. This does not happen during or after the process of corpectomy. And above all, the process is extremely simple to administer and minimal complications are involved.

Next you might want to know how much this surgery costs and whether it is easy on the pocket. Well, truth be told like any other medical process this completely depends on your requirements. It depends on the surgeon and the location where the operation would take place.

The cost can be distributed into surgical and anesthetic fees and the fees associated with the facilities of the hospital or nursing home. The cost of surgery is also directly proportional to the extent of surgery. As already mentioned, the cost is completely based on your necessities at that point of time.

However do keep certain things in mind. Let there be no infection to the wound. That can make life extremely uncomfortable in due course of time. However any form of infection is completely curable when it comes to corpectomy.

Also if you are paralytic or got the slightest hint that you might end up one someday, then mention it to the doctor who is in charge of the process as nerves can get hurt during surgery. It is always a better option to trust renowned specialists and even more when it is something that involves life and sanity.