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Allergic to Sex

Finding the Top Sexual Enhancement Products for Men in 2019

Men have been struggling to accept their given penis sizes since the dawn of time. It seems as though no man has ever been...

Uganda: Medical Tops Uganda Insurance Products

Medical insurance is now Uganda's leading insurance product by gross premiums written, after escaping the 2014 wave of de-mergers when composite firms were required...

Ghana: Govt Urged to Increase Funding for Adolescent Reproductive Health Care

Discussants at a dissemination workshop on the state of adolescent reproductive health financing in Ghana have asked government for a 15 per cent increment...
Hydroquinone Skin-lightening Products

East Africa: Region Closer to Banning Hydroquinone Skin-lightening Products

East African countries are set to ban skin-lightening products that contain hydroquinone, a medical agent linked to health problems when used in high concentrations....
Harmful Products

8 Harmful Products We Need to Stop Using

About 33.1 million people in the USA alone are affected negatively by household products each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)....
Clean Your Toilet

10 Weird but Amazing Household Products You Can Use to Clean Your Toilet

Baby oil, Coca-Cola, and vinegar; they're an ingredient list that sounds like something bored children might come up with on a rainy day. But...
Drew Barrymore

15 Female Celebrities Who Can’t Let Go Drugstore Products

Looking good doesn't have to cost too much money. Some drugstore products are just the right answers to some of your beauty questions and...

10 Household Products That Can Be Used to Do More

Quite a number of things laying or hanging around the house have much unknown usefulness. The knowledge of a few life hacks can considerably...
Vegan Beauty Products

Pros of Vegan Beauty Products

For you to understand the pros of vegan beauty products, the first and most important thing is for you to learn the difference between...
Dry Skin

23 Dangerous Chemicals You Need to Avoid in Your Body Cream and Makeup Products

We are still learning on ways to take good care of our skin and protect it from damages and infections. If you are just...
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