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Coloring with kids

Coloring With the Kiddos

My mom told me that I have been coloring ever since my chubby little fingers could manage holding crayons and scribbling onto paper. I...
Child Start Music

Learning Activities Your Young Child Will Love

Kids like to learn, but they sometimes resist others teaching them. Since they like to learn on their own, it can help to introduce...
Read Together

Successful Families Read Together

Technology easily brings a wealth of knowledge and entertainment directly to us at the press of a button. Books, magazines, newspapers, and eBooks are...
Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine, Thiamin): Sources, Benefits, Deficiencies, and Interaction

Sometimes you may be tempted to ask how many B vitamins exist. This article is not about to answer that question, instead, we will...
Candida diet

The Candida Diet – Benefits and How It Works

The most commonly known fungus in the human body is known as candida. It is often found in areas like the digestive tract, mouth,...

Phytonutrients: Types, Benefits and Food Sources

Phytonutrients also known as phytochemicals are powerful compounds produced by plants. They are superfoods for the plants and the plants also use them as...

Free Cancer Screening Ongoing in Two Nairobi Hospitals

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Monday launched free cancer screening drive in Nairobi where 300 people have so far been screened. Following the screening, at...

22 People Diagnosed With Cancer Following Week-Long Screening

Nairobi — At least 22 people have been diagnosed with cancer following free screening at Mama Lucy and Mbagathi Hospitals in Nairobi. Doctors have referred...
Kenyatta National Hospital

KNH Seeks Fundraiser to Open Cancer Hostel

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), the country's largest medical facility is meeting an angry public in a bid to raise funds for a cancer hostel. Coming...

Nurses Abandon Strike Action After ED Wage Hike Assurances

ZIMBABWEAN nurses working in government run hospitals have called off a planned strike action following assurances of a July salary review by President Emmerson...
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