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9 Solutions for Your Husband’s Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Is your husband experiencing erectile dysfunction? He is not alone in this struggle. According to the National Institute of Diabetes, more than 30 million men in the United States are suffering from this condition.

Studies show that erectile dysfunction does not signal the end of sex life but a temporary condition that can be solved through professional tips. If you have been struggling to enjoy physical intimacy with your husband, here are some simple strategies that can spark your sexual life again.

1. Maintain Open Communication

In any healthy sex life, communication must be at the center. There are very few people who have been enjoying physical intimacy without an open conversation about the feelings therein between.

You need to communicate with your husband, especially if they are coping with erectile dysfunction. Maybe he is no longer finding you attractive due to some bad things you have been doing, and as such, speaking to him openly and regularly could bring this out.

Sometimes you will realize that people suffering from erectile suffer stress and anxiety. This is the time you need to be there and show a supporting hand. You need to reassure your love for them so that they can recover from negative thoughts of loneliness.

2. Encourage Him to Take Bluechew

Besides your husband coping with erectile dysfunction and looking for various strategies to recover, you need to keep everyone happy and sexually satisfied.

In such circumstances, you need to encourage him to take Bluechew, which is a sildenafil chewable tablet that helps in treating erectile dysfunction, although temporarily.

Bluechew is one of the best sex enhancement pills that he can get from the stores and will quickly enable your husband to have a good sex experience.

Unlike Viagra, which takes a minimum of 30 minutes to work, Bluechew goes directly into the bloodstream and can start working in less than 20 minutes. Bluechew is available online, and all your husband’s needs to order and have it delivered immediately.

3. Encourage Him to Exercise Regularly

If your husband has not been exercising, it is high time you encourage him to start taking some small exercise programs and work towards weight management.

Research shows that obese men are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction than men who have been incorporating professional weight management tips.

He doesn’t have to run a marathon every week. Simple exercises such as weight lifting, morning/evening runs, jogging, and pushups will enhance cardiovascular health, build muscles, and improve his overall well-being, which is necessary for healthy sex life.

4. Calm His Anxiety Levels

As you have noticed, your husband’s anxiety levels are usually highest when you are trying to have sex. He is experiencing such anxieties because he already thinks that he will not enjoy the intercourse, or he will not satisfy your sexual desires.

Anxiety has been highlighted as one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

Try to calm him down before the act so that he can feel relaxed and thereby avoiding anxiety. Simple body touches and different conversation could do the trick. Please don’t allow your husband to fall into the self-inflicting erectile dysfunction problem when you can do something about it.

5. Introduce Healthy Eating Habits

The food that you have been giving to your husband could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Over-snacking and feeding of a high cholesterol diet is a recipe for erectile dysfunction. Work towards a high-protein diet in your family while at the same time adding vitamin supplements.

Eating fresh fruits and fruit-juice will go a long way to solving the issue of erectile dysfunction. This can be supplemented by fresh vegetables, which will bring additional mineral ions such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc, which are very important in sex drive.

Avoiding excess processed sugar and wheat is a must for someone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Supplement his diet with excess water, and within no time, he will be fully recovered.

6. Ask Him to Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are not bad. They are healthy beverages that are consumed in large quantities around the world. However, using them in excess amounts could lead to serious health challenges, especially with libido.

Therefore, you should encourage your husband to replace fizzy drinks with fresh water. However, there is no harm in taking diet beverages or the sugarless fizzy drinks currently being introduced in the market.

7. Encourage Him to Avoid Excess Alcohol

Consuming excess alcohol is one of the main reasons why millions of men in the United States have erectile dysfunction. Like beverages, alcoholic drinks, especially when consumed in excess quantities, have destroyed many families’ sex lives in the country.

However, it is essential to note that this is something that can be avoided through communication and dedication.

If your husband is committed to restoring his sexual health, you can go the extra mile of encouraging him to quit smoking. The use of tobacco for many years has also been linked with erectile dysfunction due to the adverse effects of nicotine.

8. Encourage Him to Analyze All Drugs before Use

Medical experts have concluded that blood pressure medications, painkillers, antihistamines, antidepressants, and drugs associated with the treatment for Parkinson’s disease can cause erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, your husband should consult a medical expert to understand whether the medications he is using can impact his libido.

It is always necessary to take alternative drugs as prescribed by a medical expert to prevent erectile dysfunction. Additionally, all illicit drugs such as amphetamines, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana should be avoided as they have been reported to have negative effects on sexual life among men.

9. Experiment with Different Sex Toys

The use of sex toys as a way of improving sexual drive and maintaining an erection should be considered. There are many sex toys out there in the stores that have been known to sustain an erection, which is good enough for coital sex.

It is important to note that sex toys are harmless objects that, unlike medication, do not have any adverse side effects.

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