Lemon is one of nature’s many wonders. The citrus fruit has numerous health and beauty benefits – it can reinforce the immune system, improve digestion, help you lose weight and treats numerous skin problems.

Lemon is often a part of many natural remedies and is very effective against numerous health problems. Here are the main health benefits of the fruit:

Great for Your Skin

Lemon is a powerful antibacterial agent and astringent that will clean your skin and keep it healthy. Massage your face with a combination of sugar and lemon juice and leave it to work for 15 minutes before rinsing with water.

Repeat the process every night before going to bed and your skin will look better than ever!

Eliminates Pimples

Lemons can eliminate pimples in just a short time. Make a paste of some lemon juice and quarter of a crushed aspirin, then apply it on the affected areas and leave the paste to work overnight.

Wash your face with water in the morning and repeat the process every day until the pimples disappear.

Removes Dark Stains on the Underarms

Mix 2 tablespoons of ground oats with some lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey, then apply the paste on your underarms and leave it to work for an hour before rinsing with water.

Repeat the process every day and the dark stains should go away soon.

Moisturizes Your Lips

Lemons can protect your lips from harsh weather conditions and give them a nice glow. Apply some lemon juice before going to bed to keep them hydrated and prevent cracks.

Nail Care

Squeeze a few lemons and soak your nails in for 15 minutes to keep them healthy and prevent numerous problems.

Bleaches Your Hair

If you like to have highlights on your hair naturally, there’s nothing better than lemon juice. Just apply it on selected areas of your hair and leave it to dry in the sunlight for an hour.

Afterwards, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and repeat the process until you achieve the desired results.

A Natural Mouthwash

Lemons possess powerful antibacterial properties which can clean your oral cavity and whiten your teeth. Mix some lemon juice and baking soda and put a bit of the paste on your toothbrush, then clean your teeth with the mixture every day.

The results should be noticeable after just a few days.

Treats Canker Sores

Canker sores can be difficult to get rid of, but luckily, lemons can easily eliminate them. Just apply some lemon juice on the sores directly 3 times a day and you will relieve the discomfort soon.

Treats Sore Throat

If you’re suffering from a sore throat, squeeze a lemon in half a glass of water and gargle the solution a few times a day – this will disinfect your throat and relieve the pain and inflammation quickly.