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9 Car-friendly Sex Positions You Should Try Right Away

Having sex in the same couple positions can get boring, especially if you are only doing it in your bedroom. Why not try car sex instead? It is still as exciting as it was a couple decades ago.

The Journal of Sex and Research recently surveyed 511 women and 195 men who were around 20 years of age. 60 percent men and women each mentioned that they’ve had sex in a parked car at least once in their lives. And surprisingly, most of them did it during high school.

Lead researcher of the study, Cindy Struckman-Johnson, said that even though car sex started to decline in 1970s, it has begun to gain momentum again. If you are wondering the reason — spicing up your sex life.

I don’t think society realizes how important the car is. I think [parked-car sex] was judged to be irrelevant, like an old-fashioned behaviour. But really the car is a refuge for young people … who want to engage in a serious, romantic sexual interlude. (quote)

While we are all in for trying different sex positions in the car, we recommend you do in a driveway or parking lot in the night because we don’t want you to get caught.

The Top 9 Car Friendly Sex Positions

Here are 9 car-friendly sex positions that you and your partner need to try in your car’s backseat:


Image src: EliteDaily

You can’t really go wrong with this one. It’s got just the right mix.

Although missionary is boring when you do in the bedroom, it is the most fun in the backseat of your car. Remember to keep a couple pillows in your car because your girl might constantly hit the car door as you repeatedly hump into her.


Image src: EliteDaily

Spooning might not be the easiest to do in the backseat. That’s the very same reason why it is so thrilling. We don’t guarantee that you won’t fall off the seat. Just in case, keep some fluffy pillows on the floor for precaution.

Legs in The Air

leg in the air
Image src: EliteDaily

Not only is this the best position for female orgasm, but also a great saver, so that the two of you aren’t cramped up in the back. Stare straight into your partner’s eyes to make the whole experience more exhilarating.


girl on top
Image src: EliteDaily

One of the easiest sex positions to do in a car, Girl-on-top is more intimate than any other. Prefer you make your guy sit on the seat and you climb up on him.

Support yourself either by keeping your hands on his shoulders or on the backrest. It’s just so relaxing and you wouldn’t mind the limited space. Plus, it’s a great turn on for sure.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style
Image src: EliteDaily

You can do the doggy style in the front by lowering the seat and using the backrest to support or in the back because the style takes very little space. Don’t forget to scroll the window down a little because things might get hot very soon.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl
Image src: EliteDaily

One of the classics, do the reverse cowgirl position by making the guy sit in the middle on the backseat. It gives you a lot of space to bounce back and forth, straddle, and also use the front seat headrest for support.

Kneeling Lunge

Image src: EliteDaily

If you are in for some experiment, you should try the kneeling lunge position. You and your partner should kneel in front of each other but only on one knee. Use each other’s back for support and use the kneeling leg to ride him.

Girl-On-Top Hugging

Image src: EliteDaily

What’s more intimate than girl-on-top? It is GIRL-ON-TOP-HUGGING. Hug your guy and ask him to hold you at your waist or the hip and help you to bounce up and down. There will be a lot of friction and sweat but who’s complaining!

Front Seat BJ

blow job
Image src: EliteDaily

Front seat blowjob is always going to be the classic choice when you don’t feel like going to the backseat. Everything goes on undercover, so you don’t have worry about a cop catching you.

We recommend you to not drive while you get the blowjob because you won’t enjoy it completely and might even fall down the valley. Plus, it’s not that easy to keep your focus on the wheels too.

Just kidding!

Culled from EliteDaily.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger and Editor here on Healthtian and other Krafty Sprouts sites, I make sure things run smoothly as they should.

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