My grandfather lived long to hit see 120 years, and I’ve always admired that. I kept trying to wrap my head around how he lived that long considering the current life expectancy of a human. Research suggests that people, who are young at heart, tend to keep even a more youthful personality and then add it to the experience of their actual years.

People like my grandfather definitely maintained an unorthodox method of living that kept them alive enough to prove that tales of longevity is real. Adam and Eve did it, Methuselah broke the record of being the oldest man, and they all remained healthy till their old age. How is this done? Well, why don’t you read on?

1. Sleep on your back:

You could improve the efficiency of your beauty sleep by getting into the habit of sleeping on your back. Although sleeping on your stomach or side is very comforting but the pressure you put on your face overnight, and after some years, it takes a considerable toll on how you look.

Sleeping on your side and stomach can create wrinkles on your cleavage and face over time, and this unwanted development can be challenging to get rid of. Maintain a habit of sleeping on your back as a sure way to curb wrinkles that may speed up ageing.

2. Laughter:

Herman Melville said; “A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing.” Laughter is the cheapest medicine for the soul. It can be challenging when an individual ages which is why it is exceptionally vital to remain positive and not be weighed down by adverse events that might take a degrading toll on you.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to laugh and worry less, especially over events you have no control over. Laughter is an excellent therapy and research has proven that it releases chemicals that can improve your mood and health.

3. Maintain a close relationship with friends and family:

Keeping a social circle of friends and family is even more beneficial than you could ever imagine. A study has proven that people who have a good relationship with family and friends live longer and happier lives and also shows that they have fewer health risks.

4. Fasting:

Yes. You read that right. Fasting intermittently is an eating pattern that allows you to skip meals. It doesn’t matter the healthy food you eat, but instead when you eat. Fasting once in a while has its overall health benefits that include helping you burn down unwanted fat, balancing hormonal level, reducing your chances of getting Alzheimer’s or cancer and also helps in the regeneration of stem cells. You could start fasting twice a week and improve from there.

5. Love your body:

What else would you love if not your body? You need to come to terms with the fact that as you get older, wrinkle doesn’t only affect your face but also other parts of your body, so it is essential that anti-ageing measures need to be taken to help you look even younger.

Daily exercises (yoga is a perfect option), give yourself a treat at the spa, get massages, moisturise your body after a shower, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, eat healthily and get lots of rest. There is no way your body won’t love you back.

6. Use rice like the Asians:

Ever wonder how the Chinese women stay looking young even after a century? Simple, they not only eat rice, but they also use it. Asian women know all it takes to look youthful and radiant by soaking rice in water for about 15 to 30 minutes, strain out the liquid in a container or a bowl.

You don’t need to add any other thing, and it’s that easy. Rice juice is rich in vitamins, amino acids that help keep the skin and hair looking beautiful and some minerals.

7. Change how you look:

People can easily deduce your age from your face and head but to your skin condition, by using rosehip seed that produces oil for dehydration and different facial acids that help reduce ageing signs. Maintaining a clean haircut, manicure and pedicure, and also make sure you get very light makeup –if you must get any at all-, so your skin can breathe.

8. Add collagen to your daily routine:

Collagen is a protein that can naturally be found under our body and its production slows down as we get older. Reduction of collagen in the body causes the appearance of dry skin and wrinkles, but by taking collagen supplements, your skin’s elasticity becomes improved, making it fresher, smoother and gives you that youthful look that once made you feel sexy.

It also contributes to improving joint pains and helps prevents bone loss, common issues associated with ageing. Do feel free to share your experience when you adopt the above methods. Enjoy.