Back Pain

Chronic pain is something that tons of people experience. Something happens to you, or you develop a condition, and you must live with it from that point forward.

It can distract you from your life to the point that you’re willing to do almost anything to relieve it.

Coping with chronic pain is never easy, but it’s something that you have to do because you have no choice in the matter. These eight suggestions can help you try and alleviate it.


Car accident injuries often cause chronic pain. You also might develop it from:

  • Arthritis
  • A sports injury
  • A slip and fall

However it happens, though, you need to figure out a way to soldier through it. Exercise can be one thing that helps you.

When you exercise, that releases endorphins. These are feel-good chemicals that block your body’s pain signals. Exercise also strengthens different muscle groups, which can help alleviate some kinds of chronic pain.

However, depending on your pain’s nature, there are some exercises that you probably won’t be able to do. If you want to try and figure out a routine that you can attempt, it might help to contact a physical therapist.

They can develop a workout routine for you that should strike a balance between strengthening your muscles while also not aggravating your condition.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is also one of the better ways to hold your chronic pain at bay. Meditation:

  • Improves your power over what your body feels
  • Is something that has helped people manage pain for thousands of years

You can learn how to breathe mindfully and meditate by downloading apps that teach you. You can also contact a yogi for a private lesson, or you can take some yoga classes that emphasize meditation and pain management techniques.

You can do guided meditation or just let your mind drift as you focus on your breathing. It’s all about what can make you feel the most comfortable.

Get Rid of Stress

Stress also intensifies chronic pain, as many doctors can tell you. If you cut stress from your life, then it will do you a lot of good on the pain front.

If there are some individuals in your life who you don’t want to see, then there is no reason that you have to. If your job stresses you out, attempt to find something else to do to make money.

Maybe it’s your family that causes your stress. If so, you have to find a way to communicate to them what it is they’re doing that’s bothering you. You might go to therapy with the family members who are your primary stressors.

With less stress often comes less pain, and the sooner you banish it from your life, the better you will feel.

Drink Less Alcohol

You might be relying on alcohol to reduce your pain. Alcohol dulls the pain, but it also impacts your body in harmful ways. It’s bad for your liver.

Besides, if you drink to escape from your chronic pain, that probably means you’re drinking every day. That is a sure path toward alcoholism, especially if you’re genetically predisposed to it.

At the same time, alcohol makes it harder for you to sleep unless you’re drinking enough that you’re passing out. With less sleep, you’ll feel your pain more, so try to cut down on your alcohol consumption.

Quit Smoking

There are always plenty of excellent reasons to quit smoking. Smoking exacerbates chronic pain in many instances, so that should be a significant incentive for you.

If you’re having trouble quitting smoking, then talk to your doctor about it. They might put you on nicotine patches or gum. There are also drugs they can put you on now, which can help you.

There are more ways than ever before to quit smoking, so don’t despair. Also, if there is less stress in your life, you won’t be so tempted to smoke.

Look for a Support Group

There are also pain management support groups that you can join. Many individuals of all ages, genders, income levels, etc. deal with chronic pain, and it’s great to surround yourself with individuals for a while who understand your plight.

When you’re in pain, it can isolate you. You can attempt to explain to those around you what you’re going through, but unless they experience it for themselves, they probably won’t quite understand.

Just being around some people who get it can be soothing for you, and to hear from them so many things that you’ve considered yourself.

Get a Massage

Some kinds of chronic pain feel better for a time if you get a massage. Doctors often recommend massage therapy for things like joint pain or arthritis.

A massage lets you forget about your pain for a little while. The world falls away, and you can concentrate on your breathing and try to lose yourself. The pain will likely return in time, but for a while, it’s like you’ve left it behind.

Massages are expensive, so you might not be able to do this every day. However, if you can show just cause, you may be able to get your insurance to pay for at least some of them.

Eat a Better Diet

Some kinds of chronic pain come from inflammation, and you can reduce that by eating a better diet. You should stay away from heavily processed foods like white bread. Fried foods are bad for inflammation, as are red meat, sausages, and hot dogs.

You’re better off eating a diet with lots of legumes and dried fruit. Fresh fruit is good as well, particularly cherries and apricots. A low-sodium and low-fat diet should put you on the path toward feeling better.

Chronic pain can challenge even the most courageous and determined individuals. You’ll probably need to do not just one, but several of the things we mentioned. Be sure and speak to a qualified medical professional about your options to see if they have additional suggestions.