Safe is perhaps the first thing you would think of whenever you’ll hear the word CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD is becoming more prominent in the medical industry due to its non-harmful effects, compared to tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that has psychoactive properties.

Studies show that CBD has miraculous healing properties to whatever children, pregnant women or even your pets feel with no or less adverse side effects.

What about the oldies? Is CBD safe for the elderly, too? To answer that, written here are eight ways on how CBD help the elderly.

Regulates and Stimulates Appetite

Researchers discovered that cannabis oil is an appetite regulator and stimulator for all ages, including older adults. Old people can benefit from CBD especially when they’re suffering from sudden weight loss, being underweight or sickness or injury.

Also, the National Cancer Institute confirmed that CBD could indeed encourage appetite every time it connects to cannabinoid receptors. These receptors in our body act fundamental roles in controlling one’s feeding behavior.

Slows Down Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Many medical researchers discovered that CBD is a neuroprotectant. As a neuroprotectant, CBD encourages the regeneration and growth of new cells, as well as enriches, protects and nourishes one’s mind.

Specifically, CBD is one of those contributors that can eradicate toxic protein which triggers the loss of inflammation and the regeneration of unhealthy cells in the brain, preventing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease from happening, or just slowing their process.

Goes Against Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a common neurodegenerative disease of many elderlies, in which neurons in the communication process from one’s brain to one’s whole body breaks down. It can then affect the sight of an individual due to an increase of IoP or intraocular pressure in the eye.

CBD may also reduce intraocular pressure by up to 25%. However, other researchers have other claims stating that CBD worsens eye pressure instead. Despite this, studies show that CBD may still help to ease the pain felt by patients with glaucoma due to its analgesic or pain-killing properties.

The synthetic derivatives of CBD activate and determine the analgesic effects of CB2 receptors, which would eventually reduce the pain felt at the cornea of the patients with glaucoma, as well as the other receptor-independent pathways that are pain killing properties of CBD.

CBD, as many studies show, tend to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which influences metabolic processes as well as hormone secretion. CBD would eventually regulate and stimulate digestive systems.

Relieves Pain caused by Arthritis

CBD is known for its inflammatory properties and anti-emetic effects, which can reduce joint-related pain that’s often associated with autoimmune conditions like arthritis, specifically Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Severe inflammation in the joints that results in swelling and painful joints are the side effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis as an autoimmune disease. Fortunately,  CBD automates the ways to those significant CB2 receptors, which deliver signals to the brain to lessen or even inhibit inflammation in one’s joints.

Prevents Osteoporosis and other Bone Diseases

Another common condition old people commonly encounter is osteoporosis. CBD, an external cannabinoid, can also prevent osteoporosis. CBD 1 receptor in our endocannabinoid system regulates the life cycle of bone marrow cells and bone mass, preventing age-related bone loss.

Furthermore, researchers revealed that CBD could improve the healing process of fractured bones. Also, it can stimulate bone growth, improve tissue density as well as prevent bone breakdown. In general, CBD averts bone tissue from degradation and takes action on bone formation.

Stimulates a Good Sleep

Insomnia and sleep-deficiency are two of the most difficult and crucial situations we might feel when we’re getting older. Experts say, the older we are, the harder it would be to fall asleep.

When we sleep, our brain will regenerate and will be free from the natural toxic chemicals that our body also produce. If we sleep less, these harmful chemicals will lead to age-related neurodegenerative diseases like glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleeping pills are commonly the prescribed drugs to any persons who are having a hard time sleeping. However, these medications have side effects that vary to different gender and age. One good alternative is CBD, which contains no side-effects, yet can provide lengthier deep sleep phase and lesser lighter sleeping phases.

Improves Mood-Related Disorders

Mood swings are common to oldies, too. It intensifies whenever there are unpleasant situations that will happen in the life of the seniors, such as being unable to do something, losing someone, encountering changes from the world, and having not so good health.

CBD can improve mood swings. CBD tend to interact with Serotonin and Adenosine receptors, which are two of receptors that regulate one’s mood. Consequently, CBD can reduce stress, makes your mind calm, and improve cognitive functions.

Takes Care of Your Heart

Among older adults, heart disease is one of the causes of death. Besides, high blood pressure is one of the lead causes of heart conditions.

CBD is good for your heart. Medical tests concluded that its’  a natural treatment for high blood pressure, posing a big possibility to avoid heart conditions. One test showed a result that CBD had stress responses on the subject patients, making their blood pressure lowered.

What’s more, due to its antioxidant properties, CBD could avert deaths of the cells that are caused by oxidative stress and can lessen cardiac inflammation. Many medical tests showed that CBD can treat diabetic complications and cardiovascular disorders as well.


Statistics show that there’s a continuous increase in the number of seniors who are unnecessarily taking daily prescription drugs. Although thinking this is for the benefits of their health, still the elderly can possibly face dangerous aftermaths like organ damages and even death.

Fortunately, CBD is known to be safe and can prevent these dangerous risks from happening. For the record, neither overdoses nor death cases of elderly who used CBD have been recorded. With proper guidance from a medical professional, CBD can be safe for oldies.

Author Bio:

Shay Masand is a writer and a blogger. She loves to write about cannabid oil, particularly its uses, risks, and health benefits. When not working, Shay spends some quality time with her family and friends.