Root Canal Treatment

When a dentist talks about a root canal he is discussing a treatment. Your teeth have parts, the top part is the crown and the bottom part underneath the gum is the root.

Sometimes if a cavity goes deep into the center of the tooth it sets up an infection. This infection needs to be cleaned out.

Root canal therapy at Pro dental group is one of the places that you can be confident that a professional job will be done. Here are some things you should know about root canal treatment.

Always choose the option of getting a root canal. Never choose an extraction thinking you will be saving money. The other teeth in your mouth will drift around without that tooth in its place. A root canal will save your tooth.

 There are steps to this treatment below:

First Visit:

  1. X-rays will be taken and the treatment discussed.
  2. After you are numbed up the dentist will open up the top part of the tooth enamel by drilling.
  3. He will then use different sizes of files to clean out the infected pulp from each canal and the chamber.
  4. Then it will be rinsed out usually with hydrogen peroxide.
  5. A medicated filling is placed inside the main chamber and a temporary filling material is put in the tooth

Different teeth have different numbers of canals. The anterior teeth in front have only one canal. The bicuspids on the sides have two each.

The larger molars usually have four but sometimes only three. These canals are not always straight either they can curve or grow in odd ways. It would be great if everyone had straight teeth but this is not the case not even with root canals.

So each time it’s a bit different even on the same person.

Second Visit:

  1. After you return the temporary filling material is removed as is the medicated material.
  2. The canals are rinsed and measured for length.
  3. The dentist will check the gums and inside for any bleeding or infection
  4. More x-rays will be taken
  5. Gutta percha  mixed with cement will be placed inside of each canal. This fills it with a clean stable material.
  6. If a post and core will be added this is after the canals are completed
  7. Now a composite resin filling is put on to seal things up.

A crown will need to be made for this tooth that had the root canal done.

This will prevent it from any trauma from daily chewing. This tooth should last a long time even a lifetime with good care. Root canal therapy at Pro dental group will give you back your smile.

The pain caused by your tooth will be a thing of the past and you will walk out of our office with a big smile. Root canals are not scary anymore they are done every day with confidence by the dentist.

Root canal therapy at Pro dental group is the place to come.