Women Find Irresistible in Men

What do women want in men? The answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, isn’t so straightforward for all of us. Luckily, a bunch of scientists asked themselves the same thing and went above and beyond to find the answer.  

Romantic attraction is a complicated thing that none of us fully understands. What each of us finds attractive in our partner can differ based on multiple factors, including personal and cultural values, own experiences, and personality. 

But hey, whatever helps get an idea about what women look for in men, right? Here are eight traits that women love in men, according to science.

1. Good looks 

Let’s be honest; physical attractiveness matters to all of us in a way or another. 

But, here’s the deal with women: good looks can be a factor that matters. Yet, they aren’t as important as you may think. In fact, studies suggest that women typically choose higher attractive guys only for flings, not for building long-term relationships. 

One study from Columbia University found that both men and women care a lot about attractiveness. Yet, the study concluded that men care ever so slightly more compared to women. Instead, women care more about intelligence roughly twice as much as men. 

2. A good sense of humor 

You know what they say, “make her laugh and she’s yours.” And, it seems that these words couldn’t be any more real because women love men with a sense of humor. 

A study called Sexual Selection and Humor in Courtship, by professor Jeffery Hall, found out that the more times a man tries to be funny and a woman laughs, the more likely she is to be interested in dating him. However, the same study suggested that the reverse was not the same for women who try to be funny. 

Moreover, another study suggests that a “good sense of humor” means different things for men and women. While women like men who are funny enough to make them laugh, men like women who find their jokes funny. 

Research suggests that funny people are smart, and smart is sexy as perceived by women. So, tell as many jokes as you can if you want to make her fall for you. 

3. Altruism 

Research suggests that men who display helping behaviors are often perceived as more attractive than those who don’t.

In fact, the 2013 study found that both men and women perceive altruistic people as more attractive for landing a long-term relationship with. Yet, women proved a more prominent preference for this trait than men did. 

Plus, more recent research actually suggests that altruism can be even more important than good looks. So, since studies consistently show that altruism and doing good deeds is a top quality that women are attracted to, you should not hesitate to show your partner your soft side as well. 

4. Facial hair 

Let’s face it; beards are typically a sign of masculinity. So, it isn’t surprising that women find men with facial hair more attractive than those who don’t grow a beard. 

Yet, in many studies, facial hair has been both an attraction and a repellent for different women. So, you can say that this feature is based on the personal preferences of every woman. 

Our advice: do what you want with your face, either grow a beard or not. Either way, you’ll eventually attract the right woman for you.

5. Hard to get  

Can playing hard-to-get make you more attractive to women? It seems like the answer is “Yes.” 

It’s not difficult to understand why playing hard to get is attractive for women: it’s a way to increase desire. Yet, it’s a risky road to take because it can also decrease friendly feelings. 

Plus, older studies also suggest that for some women, showing that you like them back is more attractive. So, if you really like someone, playing hard to get might be a terrible idea. 

6. Dog owner 

We’ve seen it is most romantic movies how men find the love of their life while playing with their dog at the park. But even if you didn’t know it when you saw it, let us tell you now: there was some science behind the scene when the girl falls in love with the man walking his dog. 

Studies suggest that pet ownership is a big deal for women. Why? Well, apart from the apparent reason that dogs are all cute and nice to play with, men who display love for animals are perceived as good future parents. 

So, yes, it seems that picking up women really is a lot easier if you have a furry friend by your side, and that’s according to research.

7. Embracing self-care  

One speed-dating experiment suggested that women perceived mindful men as attractive. They also liked men who were nonjudgmental and present. 

Mindful may not have been the first factor you would think of when you would try to figure out what women want from you, but it seems that women appreciate men who embrace self-care, both mental and physical.  

Although self-care for men is still far from being destigmatized, some women find it attractive. From working out to eating healthy, using natural remedies for ear infection, pain, or any other affection, as well as practicing mindfulness, these are all self-care acts that now women appreciate in a man. 

8. Heroic and primal risks 

Want to impress your date? Don’t hesitate to be a hero if given the opportunity during your date because your partner will find it incredibly attractive. 

Studies suggest that being heroic is a sign of being an Alpha in the social hierarchy, and a sign of masculinity. Since women feel the need to be protected by their partners, they want to know that their date is a heroic person capable of protecting them from danger.