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8 Natural Ways to Avoid Wrinkles


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Deborah Akinola
Wirter, poet and public speaker

For a lot of young men and women out there some even in their early 20’s are already beginning to experience wrinkles and lines on their faces. Wrinkles now is no longer a thing for the elderly anymore but now many young people are joining the league, and this begs the question “What causes wrinkles, and how can it be prevented?”.


Well, that’s the purpose of this article. It is to enlighten you more about wrinkles and what you can do to prevent them in order to look very radiant in your youthful days and likewise what to do to avoid them while getting old.

What then is wrinkles anyway?

Wrinkles are fine lines that begin to appear on the face due to the fact that the dermis loses its elasticity due to the loss of elastin and collagen and this would lead to the skin getting very thin and therefore will likewise lose the ability to supply enough moisture for lubrication to the epidermis.

Then, the fat in the upper layer of the skin otherwise known as the subcutaneous layer which always gives the plump and beautiful appearance to the cheeks and the face generally will begin to disappear because of the lack of supply of lubrication from the dermis which will then cause the epidermis to sag ultimately causing wrinkles to form.

Here are a few tips on things to do and some to avoid so as not to get wrinkles

If possible, avoid spending a lot of time under the direct hot sun:

This is due to the fact that the UV rays which are harsh rays coming from the sun can cause wrinkles. The UV light weakens.

Sunblock may help in this aspect, but nit is always advisable to avoid it all together by staying either indoors or under an umbrella most especially at the time when the sun is the hottest (at its peak) and this is at the hours of 10am-2pm.

Drink a whole lot of water:

This is because one of the benefits of water to the body is that it hydrates your entire body which helps your skin stay lubricated instead of very dry. Water is very beneficial to the skin

Reduce your sugar intake:

When sugar enters your body system through your bloodstream, it would begin to damage your body proteins by creating advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that will end up contending with the proteins in your body including collagen and elastin which help keep your face full and plump.

When these proteins are damaged, the face will start to sag and also develop wrinkles. Also, these AGEs also attack the antioxidants present in the body and hence these will cause the skin to be more hypersensitive to sun damage.


Love your vegetables and fruits:

Most vegetables and fruits are good sources of antioxidants which is very good for the skin including that of the face. These antioxidants also help to neutralize free radicals found in the blood and these can help slow down the natural aging nature and likewise it would also help to fight off wrinkles.

Avoid smoking:

Smoking causes so many damages to the body and the skin also isn’t left out. Smoking introduces toxins to the body and these can help generate free radicals. These free radicals are actually harmful to the skin and these in combination with always being in the sun can damage the elastin and collagen around the face causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the face.

Know that it may be sometimes hereditary:

Majority of the things that makes us up comes from our genetic make-up which we inherited from our parents. Wrinkles and quick aging isn’t exempted. In some genetic lines, they happen not to age so quickly while in some others, they do age very fast.

Sometimes, these things can’t be treated or prevented because it is in our genes, but they can be slowed down and controlled by not doing things to help them speed up the process.

Avoid going to the tanning salon:

Do you know that the UV light used in a tanning salon is as harmful as the UV light gotten from the sun? Worse of all, do you know that the UV light gotten from the tanning salon will damage your skin faster than that of the sun simply because it is concentrated on your body alone? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do.

If you don’t want to age fast, please avoid the tanning salon. The UV light gotten from the tanning salon has a greater tendency to destroy your skin faster due to the fact that it is super concentrated on your body at a freaking high intensity with a very short distance between you and the source of the UV light.

This simply means that it only requires a little effort and concentration to destroy your skin proteins when compared to the intensity from that of the sun. This in turn will therefore cause the skin to lose its elasticity and therefore cause you to age faster.

Remember to get enough sleep and rest:

Inadequate sleep leads to speedy aging. In a research conducted for a 2015 study, researchers observed some women about 60 in number. Some usually had quite enough sleep and sound rest while others hardly slept at all or even rested.

Their skin texture was then evaluated and so it was concluded that people who had a higher score in the overall aging test had an older look and they were the ones who hardly had time to rest or sleep while those women who took their time to rest and take a nap, and also enjoy a good night sleep had the lowest score in the overall aging tests.

This simply means that rest and sleep is good for the body and likewise the skin of the face. Lack of good sleep and rest will only assist in making you get those wrinkles faster and help you age quicker.


While even sleeping, it was also noticed that if you sleep more often on your back than on your face, you are most likely not going to easily get wrinkles and this is because sleep lines gotten from the position we sleep have the tendency to itch into our faces and become permanent thereby causing wrinkles.’

Well, there you have it. Wrinkles can be avoided by some simple steps and also by what we imbibe into our lifestyles.

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