One of the best ways to consume cannabis is to smoke it straight from a bong. Bong offers a better way to enjoy your herb by providing enhanced and potent flavors and all-natural water filtration.

Bongs come in many variations, and it can be hard to keep up with all the types. From plastic and glass to multi-chamber and round-bottomed, bongs are available in different materials and shapes.

If you are thinking of getting a bong to experience delicious, breathtaking, and succulent hits, then here is a guide on different types you can consider.

So, What Are the Major Types of Bongs?

Bongs come in different materials and shapes. This results in dozens of types. However, if we categorize the types into two, it can be easier for you to know a suitable one for your needs;

Based on Material Used;

  1. Glass Bong

Most of the smoking kits are made from glass, and bong designers are never shy of coming up with artistic glass bongs to bring out their creativity.

However, in addition to being beautiful and shiny, glass bongs are also practical. Glass doesn’t add taste to your herb, and its clear, which makes it easier to clean.

On the downside, glass is breakable, and thus not suited to rough smokers. You should handle it with care.

  1. Plastic Bong

Plastic bongs were made for people who want to carry their bongs to places with gatherings and festivals. They are cheaper than glass, and thus suitable for people who are looking for affordable bongs they can get started with.

On the downside, plastic bongs interfere with the taste of the herb, especially when left in the plastic tank for too long. However, you don’t have to worry about it breaking after dropping it accidentally.

  1. Bong Made Using Bamboo

For people who are into organic things, bamboo makes an ideal bong. Most bongs made from bamboo are simple and cheap as well.

They have become popular in the recent past, probably because many people can make them on their own. Bamboo doesn’t affect the taste of your hit, but it can prove harder to clean.

  1. Ceramic Bong

Ceramic makes not only high-end vaporizers but also cool bongs thanks to its heat-resistant nature and being robust.

You will find cool designs of ceramic bongs, which makes it a preferred choice for people looking for high-end bongs. But on the downside, it is hard to clean and breakable.

Based on Shapes and Purpose

  1. Bongs With a Carburetor

These are bongs with a hole (carburetor) that you put your thumb over. The carburetor lets in air into the bong to allow the smoker to suck up a powerful hit.

This bong is suited for people who are used to taking powerful hits.

  1. Round Base or Beaker Bong

This bong looks more like a piece of lab equipment than a smoking kit. It works the same way as other bongs, but it is harder to knock over since the base is wider.

  1. Multi-Chamber Bongs

While most bongs feature a single chamber whereby you power water in and load up the cone piece, there those with multi-chambers whereby there is water in more than one location. This means smoke is filtered severally to make it smoother. You can even add ice to one chamber to make the smoke cooler.

  1. Percolator Bong

Made from glass, the percolator is among the most advanced bongs. It features a cool piece of glassware that disperses smoke. This means all the smoke gets filtered, as opposed to just a small section of it getting filtered. The percolator is designed for users who want extra smoother experience.

Bottom Line

Bongs offer a supreme way for herb lovers to get a better smoking experience. It is up to you to choose a suitable type for your needs. Do not let a drawback such as cleaning discourage you from choosing something that strikes your eyes.

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