8 Laundry Mistakes You Should Avoid


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Almost every home now have washing machines, unlike when people do their laundry manually back in the day. The invention of the washing machine back in the 90’s has made laundry more comfortable and more people are opting for this automatic way of washing.


However, despite this domestic intervention, there are still some laundries errors that make washing machine users wish they never gave space for the machine in their houses. I have compiled a list of possible mistakes that might ruin your favourite and expensive clothes and ways you could avoid them.

1. Washing your clothes with the wrong side out

Clothes that are sensitive such as sweatshirts or cotton made clothes should be turned inside out to avoid pilling and damage to the fabric. Jean pockets should also be turned inside out after being emptied of any content. This helps keep your clothing material safe from tearing.

2. When you don’t use antibacterial laundry cleanser

For safety purpose, it is imperative that you use antibacterial laundry cleanser for your laundry if you or a member of your relatives or friends are sick. Doing your laundry with regular detergent won’t quite do the job of keeping you safe as you might be putting yourself and those around you at risk. You could try using bleach or disinfectants while doing your laundry and be sure to follow the instructions before use.

3. Overloading the machine

Easy folks, don’t over stuff the clothe eater, or you might kill it. Even though some washing machines appear big or have plenty of space for clothes to go in, washing experts advised that you don’t stuff that baby full. At least two fists should be able to fit in after you must have had your clothes piled in. Doing this helps the washing and rinsing of your clothes easier.

4. Forgetting to sort out the socks

You might find a hard time getting your socks back from the machine if you add it to the rest of your clothes you want to wash. It is best you have them in a mesh bag, so they don’t play peek-a-boo. Clean pillowcases are also good alternatives.

5. Ignoring the “Dry Clean” sign

The “dry clean” instruction on the label of your clothes is merely telling you to handle with care. You can’t miss the sign on materials made of silk and linen, so it’s best you hand wash them. Suede or leather might require different attention that only the dry cleaners can offer if you want to avoid damaging your clothes.

6. Wearing new clothes without first having them washed

New clothes may bleed, and you may not know without having them washed first. So consider having them washed with clothes of similar materials. This would save you the stress of having your other clothes ruined with colour stains.

7. Failing to regular the final spin speed

The final spin speed dramatically affects the type of fabric in the machine. It can be measured in revolutions per minute, while clothes made of cotton would withstand spinning up to 600 RPM, sheets and towels can take spinning of 1400 RPM. Delicate materials, however, require about 400 RPM but jean materials can handle up to 900 RPM. Spinning above these limits can cause tearing in your clothes. We don’t want that now do we?

8. Wrongly bleaching your fabrics


Overusing bleach can damage your clothes as little is required. You are to mix the bleach thoroughly with water before washing. Clothes materials are very sensitive and excessive use of bleach can cause holes in the clothes or change the colours. Use moderately.

I hope you enjoyed reading that and possibly learned a thing or two. Do feel free to share laundry mistakes you might have been making in the comment section. Cheers!


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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