Increase Height

Many of us want to be taller than we really are simply because taller people are considered more attractive and appealing. Also, a good height impacts the overall personality of an individual and enhances confidence levels.

However, the height of an individual largely depends on the person’s genetics. Until puberty, the growth rate is slower than the growth rate in teenage. It is said after 18 when we enter the adulthood, the height stops increasing.

However, there are certain things that we can do to increase our height and reach the maximum potential. If you are wondering how to increase the height, then here are a few natural ways to do so.

How to Increase Height with Natural Ways

Regular exercise

This is not the first time you are being advised to exercise regularly, right? It is true that regular exercise boosts growth, strengthens muscles and makes body flexible.

There is no doubt staying active and regular exercise is good for overall health. At the same time, working out daily boosts the production of HGH, human growth hormone. Primarily, stretching exercises contributes to the increase in height.

It is suggested to work out every day at least for 45 minutes. It is one of the best and most natural ways to increase height even after 18. Along with that, hanging on a sturdy bar can also help you achieve your goal.

This routine results in 1 to 2 inches of increase in height. However, the process is slow.


Another proven way to gain height is swimming. Swimming has many health benefits. Not only does it make your bones stronger and flexible, but also build muscle strength and boost growth hormone.

Swimming for at least one and a half hour daily can get you closer to your desired result. For those who don’t know how to swim, a technique called dry land swim, also known as “alternate kick,” should be performed daily.

It is a stretching exercise that can be practiced in the comfort of your home. Lie down on your stomach, place your arms in front and palms facing down. Keeping your arms and legs straight, stretch them and raise them higher, alternately.

Try and hold the position for 20 seconds before changing it to the other side.


Since ancient times, yoga is being practiced for sound mental and physical health. The various asanas and stretches promote holistic well-being.

Some yogis believe that Yoga can help in increasing the height until the age of 23-24, long after the body stops producing HGH.

Stretching exercises like Tadasana, Vriksh Asana, Sarvang asana and more stretches muscles and spine, leading to the desired result.

Nutritious diet

A balanced diet is another important factor that can contribute to the height of the person.

Diet including plenty of vegetables, fruits, and dairy products boost the production of growth hormones. Such diet is rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and essential fats and vitamins that can enhance the production of the HGH.

Eating right and healthy is pertinent to gain height. A balanced diet is rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, Vitamin C, Phosphorous, Manganese and all the other nutrients required for growth.

Other than genetics, nutritious diet can also influence a person’s growth. Know more about how to increase height at here. This article sheds light on increasing height naturally and provides an extensive list of foods that can stimulate the growth of the person.

Furthermore, avoid the consumption of sugar, trans fats, and saturated fats. Don’t forget to take Vitamin D, it helps in strengthening the bones and delays the aging of bones.

Proper Sleep

You may be wondering how sleep can influence an individual’s growth. Remember, our body is a machine that works 24/7. At adolescence, the body secretes HGH while you are sleeping. Hormone production is affected if adequate sleep is not taken.

Hence, teenagers must take quality sleep for at least 8-9 hours to reach their maximum potential, otherwise, it can lead to stunted growth.

Avoid artificial growth enhancers

In order to gain good height naturally, stay away from supplements and pills that promise an instant increase in heights. Artificial growth enhancer products might look appealing but are a strict no-no.

They do more harm than good and result in potentially dangerous health conditions. There is no way to increase height instantly. It’s a slow process that 70-80 percent depends on genetics and the rest on regular practice of healthy habits.

Get rid of bad habits

Smoking and alcohol consumption has proven to stop growth. Hence, getting rid of these habits can help you live a healthy life and ensure you enhance your current height.

Improve Posture

A good posture is important for good height. While slouched posture can make you look shorter, a good, upright posture can make you look taller and more confident. Regular slouching can degrade the natural curves of the body to accommodate the new posture.

This not only influences your height but also cause health issues like chronic backaches and more. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of your posture while standing, sitting and sleeping. Correct posture can improve a person’s height.

So, there it is! You now know the most effective and natural ways to increase height. Before it’s too late, make these habits a part of your daily routine and enjoy its benefits.

Meanwhile, remember your height does not define you, it’s your overall personality that will be loved by everyone.

There is very little that you can do to improve your height. So, you must learn to accept yourself the way you are and love yourself for who you are.