8 Bollywood (Indian) Celebrities and Their Favorite Hairstyles

We are in the 21st century where your first impression is enough to judge who you are or what you do. Gone are the days when people used to judge people by their dress code, and came an era where we are judged by what we wear on our heads.

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That being the case, being a celebrity comes with challenges because you are not sure about what to wear on the head and not sure whether it will create a positive or negative impression.

As we all know, Indian is a country full of surprises and Indian celebrities always hit headlines, not only because of their outstanding beauty but also by their hairstyles.

When an Indian celebrity decides to change their hairstyle, it becomes the latest trend on the spot and every other woman out there wants to try it out. If you’d always to stand out among your friends and workmates, here are the best Indian celebrity hairstyles to try out.

Aishwarya Rai

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

Former Miss India Aishwarya Rai never cease to amaze as far as her hair is concerned. She has her own ways of making her hair stand out and whether its straight hairstyles, loose curls, or side-swept bangs, she is always great thus becoming an object of admiration among many men.

Her ways of carrying traditional or contemporary hairdos are exceptional and she always flaunts her voluminous layers. If you’d want to match her look, get a layer cut and tong the layers and create a volume.

Katrina Kaif

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

Katrina Kaif is a public figure famously known for her active participation in the Indian film industry. She is being referred to as the ‘Bollywood Barbie Doll’ and she tries different unique and outstanding Indian hairstyles that blend in excellently with her outstanding beauty and her character role.

In every movie, you are likely to spot her with new looks and you can’t fail to realize how great she is. She wears layered, wavy, ponytail, straight, or clip light-curly hairstyles.

Priyanka Chopra

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

Priyanka Chopra is yet another celeb that never ceases to amaze as long as the hairstyle is concerned. She has a stunning beauty and one of the most beautiful celebrities in the Indian entertainment industry.

She is very creative and when it comes to her hairstyles, she takes more effort to ensure that whatever she chooses blends in with her beauty. She changes her hairstyles as often as possible and whatever she decides to put, you can’t fail to realize how great she looks.

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Deepika Padukone

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

If you’d like your workmates to get jealous of you based on your hairstyle, learn to copy Deepika Padukone who never disappoints. Besides her outstanding beauty, she is a good performance no wonder she hit the headline in 2007 after becoming the Filmfare Best Female Debut Award for her role in Om Shanti Om.

She knows what’s good for her hair and any hairstyle she chooses always works on her. She has a way of flaunting her hairs and whether she decides to wear poker straight layers or a fringe, she will always stand out.

Kangna Ranaut

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

As beautiful as she is, Kangna Ranaut was famously known for her natural ‘wild mob’ hairstyle she used to love but given that change is inevitable, she went for a smoother and pulled back look which looked amazingly great on her.

However, the wild mop suits her perfectly and thats why she was recently spotted with it again.

Sonakshi Sinha

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

I would say that Sonakshi Sinha never goes wrong in choosing her hairstyles. When she keeps her hair straight, she stands out.

When she keeps it in basic waves, she looks amazingly beautiful and when she wears a poker straight hair, her overall beauty is beyond mere expression. Any hairstyle she decides to wear, we all think she was born with it.

Rani Mukherjee

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

Rani Mukherjee is among the most famous Bollywood divas who choose their hairstyles with utmost care. She loves straight long hair which blends her exceptional beauty with her personality. If you’d really wish to stand out like her, blow dry and straighten your hair using a straightening flat iron and you are good to go.

Pretty Zinta

Image credit: Stylecraze/Getty

Pretty Zinta is a loved showbiz personality and the choice of her hairstyle makes her as pretty as her name. Whether she wears a long or short hair or anything from curly to straight hair makes her an admiration to many. She is currently flaunting with a long straight hairstyle which is either left loose or tied up to form a bun.

Final thoughts

As stated earlier, the choice you make on your head speaks volumes about who you really are. If you’d like to be an admiration among many, or if you want your workmates to get jealous of you, the above Indian celebrities will give you a baseline of what hairstyle is good for your personality and beauty, and don’t forget to subscribe to Healthtian and follow our social media handles.

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