Mums Can Get Back in Shape

Pregnant women experience lots of changes in their bodies, and some of these changes remain obvious even after childbirth. This is one reason why some mothers (if not all) think about regaining their pre-pregnancy bodies.

As a mother trying to burn some belly fat, you need to know 7 Ways New Mums can Get Back In Shape. The idea is not to rush the process. It took nine long months to look the way you are; it won’t magically revert back to normal.

Patience is needed in this case, but you might just be surprised that looking the way you used to before you got pregnant isn’t as tasking as you think. All you need is to follow the 7 Ways New Mums can Get Back In Shape.

1. Program your diet to suit your post-pregnancy body

You’d have to carefully monitor your diet during the nine months of carrying your child. If the goal is to get back in share after childbirth, then you need to maintain a healthy diet.

The same principle applies if you want to lose some weight after Christmas or during the holiday. Basically, your diet plays a significant role in reaching your goal, and you must stick to a healthy diet.

Fast food might be tempting; however, this would neither sustain your energy nor improve weight loss. Instead, whole-grain grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, and plenty of water should be included in your diet.

2. Breastfeeding

Tattoo During Pregnancy

Not all mothers approve of breastfeeding, but some mothers believe breastfeeding is best, especially when it comes to feeding babies. The milk that the breast produces provides essential nutrients that babies need.

An added advantage to breastfeeding is that it helps nursing mothers regain their pre-baby figures. This happens when the body burns calories when it is producing milk.

3. Swimming


It’s not advisable to jump headfirst into a demanding weight-loss plan right after giving birth since the body has been so much over the past months.

Swimming is one way to ease your way through fitness gently. This low impact exercise is perfect for new mothers; it helps to re-shape your body from and is easy on the joints. You could try different swimming techniques and practice some breathing exercises. It is a relaxing and peaceful activity.

4. Sleep

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

It doesn’t take a genius to know that sleep is essential, so it is vital that as a new mom, you should get all the needed rest. You should also sleep whenever your baby does.

A lack of sleep can cause your body to crave for fatty and sugary foods to make up for energy loss.

Even before your baby arrives, you might have noticed a change in sleep pattern. This change can slow your metabolism down, increase stress level, and could likely make you give in to your cravings for fatty and sugary foods, hence increasing your weight.

5. Zumba

Another great workout for new mothers is Zumba. Combining Latin dance, aerobics routine, and good music, a session can burn up 500 calories per hour.

This exercise was designed to get into shape and tone up. Zumba is also an excellent way to minimize your stress level, as the exercise helps to release endorphins that leave you feeling really relaxed and happy.

It’s also a unique way for new moms to socialize with other new moms in Zumba classes.

6. Go for a jog with your baby

Power walking or jogging with your baby isn’t as tasking as it sounds. Specialized prams “jogging prams” are now available and the design comprises of three wheels, and a more streamlined body, so it doesn’t topple over on uneven terrains.

Averagely, a person can burn around 100 calories per mile they power walk or jog. This is also an excellent way to introduce your baby to new environments and a change of scenery.

7. Relax

All new mothers must remember that exerting so much pressure in achieving that killer shape is likely to do more harm than good. Your body went through the process of pregnancy for nine months, and the physical outcome wouldn’t just go away overnight.

There’s nothing wrong with being self-conscious about how your body looks, but over stressing yourself can actually delay your weight loss.

This is because when the body is stressed, sugar is released into the bloodstreams and it turned into fat if they are not used up. You must make use of your relaxation time to rest. This invariably helps to minimize stress levels.

What other ways that new mums can use to get back in shape do you know about? Are you a new mom? Would you like to give your opinion on the subject? Kindly use the comments below.