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7 Unconventional Alcohol Addiction Treatments

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The number of individuals undergoing alcohol addiction is on the rise, and it is the high time people did something about it. This beverage is very addictive, and despite its legality in many states, irresponsible use of alcohol has the potential to lead to irrecoverable damages.

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It happens when one starts experiencing uncontrollable cravings for this drink, and they cannot go about their daily lives without consuming it. The adverse effects of alcohol abuse are countless, which include;

  • Social consequences such as becoming aggressive
  • Health effects such as a blackout. It can lead to liver cancer delayed flexes and lack of balance
  • Economic impacts which entail loss of income due to unproductiveness and money wasted buying the alcohol

Alcohol addiction is a disorder and requires some special treatments to get over it. Other than rehabilitation, other unconventional alternatives can be followed for alcohol addiction treatment, and they include;

1. Meditation for Stress Relief

Some people turn to alcohol as a stress relief mechanism and eventually end up being addicted to it every time they are trying to avoid pressure. Instead, you can replace alcohol with meditation whenever you feel under pressure. Remember, quitting alcohol requires mental discipline and self-control above anything else.

2. Exercising

The goal is to indulge in other productive activities that will help you stay away from the thought of taking alcohol. You can start aerobics, or go to the gym during your free time instead. You can also begin doing yoga which will give you a mind and body connection that you need to overcome addiction.

3. Psychodrama Therapy

This is an activity where you are placed on stage with other actors, and you get to release your emotions openly on stage without judgment. It works best, especially when your addiction is as a result of a trauma you went through before, and it works regardless of your age.

4. Herbal Remedies

You can go for herbal options such as passion flower which is helpful in the withdrawal stage. The withdrawal process is the hardest, but very easy when you have something else to keep you off the alcohol thoughts.

5. Acupuncture

The treatment involves the insertion of needles in your skin to help in balancing your body energy. Sometimes, alcohol addiction is a result of hormonal and energy imbalance and you tend to turn to alcohol to solve the issue. Therefore, this treatment will do you right.

6. Natural recovery

Some individuals have recovered from addiction by depending purely on their inner resources. In this case, you can try self-discipline and make a decision that you are never indulging in alcoholism alcohol. You are likely to fail for sometimes, but with persistence and consistency, you will eventually get there.

7. Detox

One of the reasons why you cannot do without alcohol is because its traces are already stuck in your bloodstream. You find yourself going back to add some more, but you can get rid of such by eliminating the alcohol traces from your blood through detoxification.

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Before getting into any of these alternatives, it is advisable that you learn what works for you first. They are called alternatives since they have worked for some and failed for some people. Also, you should be careful about who you trust to help you with your addiction since every day you will find people coming up with new ideas. Some are scammers while others are genuine. Some treatments are dangerous too.

You can learn more about alcohol in the Recovery Village alcohol treatment first before embarking on any of these unconventional treatments. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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