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7 Sex Positions You Can Get Away With on the Beach


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Kingsley Felix
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We all love spending time at the beach on a sunny day. What could possibly be better? How about adding some steamy sex into the mix? The day just got better.

Sex on the beach always looks great in the movies, with waves gently washing over the couple and everything seeming perfect. However, anyone who has actually attempted sex on the beach knows it isn’t as wonderful as it looks on the silver screen.

Those gently crashing waves take on a more treacherous feel, and don’t get me started on getting sand in places that sand should not be. In real life, sex on the beach is not that easy.

From a health and medical perspective, getting sand in those private places can lead to getting a vaginal infection. Getting it on in the water may seem like a great idea as well. Let’s face it, no one can really see what you’re doing.

But it’s just as dangerous because salty ocean water breaks down those natural lubricants leading to urinary tract infections and causing micro-abrasions to your sensitive parts.

Don’t give up on the idea of having sex on the beach just yet though! There are ways you can do this that are safer and still pleasing to do.

One thing you want to do is prepare by bringing a large beach towel or chair to keep your bits off the sand and sand off your bits. There are some standing sex positions you can use as well.

Bearing in mind that having sex on a public beach is against the law in most places around the world, unless you are on a private beach, be very cautious about what you’re doing. Without further ado, here are some sex positions you can try on the beach.

1 – The Wave Maker

The Wave Maker

In this position, you are going to make use of that large beach towel I mentioned earlier. Rolling around in the sand isn’t really the best way go, but a beach towel makes a better and more protective alternative. This is a really simple seated position that is subtle, comfortable and easy to do.

Your partner sits down, and you sit in his lap, moving as far back as you can. Discreetly slip your bathing suit bottoms to one side and you now have easy access for him to enter you. From a distance it looks like you’re just sitting together, so no one will be the wiser.

2 – Surfer Girl on Top

Surfer Girl on Top

With this position, you can pretty much cut out any chance of sand getting into your nether regions because you’ll be on top. Your partner lays down on the towel, you straddle him and have at it. You can use a second towel to cover up for some privacy.

This isn’t exactly discreet or subtle, even with a towel to cover up. So, save it for a night time romp on the beach, or when you know the beach is completely void of people.

3 – Bae Watch

Bae Watch

This sex position can be done on a beach chair or other seat on the beach. It’s good for getting cozy and watching the sun go down. Even better is that you can cover yourselves with a towel and it looks like you are innocently sitting on your partner’s lap.

Your partner sits down, and you sit between his legs while backing up on him. With a towel covering you both for privacy, your partner can also have access to your clitoris for a bit of added stimulation.

4 – Seaside Spoon

Seaside Spoon

This cute position looks like the two of you are just having a cuddle on your beach towel…little do they know!

Both of you lie on your sides in a spooning position and cover up with a towel. All you need to do is bend your knees a bit and push back onto your partner, giving him easy access to both your clitoris and vagina.

5 – The Oyster Shell

The Oyster Shell

This position is a variation to the seaside spoon and a great one for having sex on the beach. It has a romantic feel to it as well because you are both facing each other, not to mention you both have a view of anyone coming by.

You both lie on your sides on your towel facing each other. Cover up with a towel for privacy. Then you slightly spread your legs, so your partner can slip your bathing suit aside and slide up into you.

For a more intense feel, you can close your legs so the friction from the part of his shaft that isn’t inside of you can rub on your clitoris.

6 – The Cave Dweller

The Cave Dweller

This is a great position for areas on the beach that have those little coves and caves, which make great places for sex on the beach. Just keep in mind that caves echo, so you’ll need to tone down your moaning.

Once you’ve found your perfect spot, bend yourself at the waist slightly while resting your hands on your shins, or the wall of the cave. This lets your partner enter you from behind.

He can hold onto your hips for support while he thrusts away. This is another position where either of you has easy access to your clitoris for some extra play.

7 – Salty Foreplay

Salty Foreplay

As mentioned earlier, having sex in the ocean is something you should avoid. However, a bit of foreplay in the water is OK.

The ocean offers you a lot of protection from any wandering eyes. You and your partner can go for a swim and have some fun fondling and playing in the waves.

A great thing to try is having your partner lift you in his arms while you wrap your legs around his waist and then grind away. Don’t be surprised if things start to escalate!

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