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A society relies heavily on its women for all its well-being in a number of ways. The strength, integrity, and resilience that women show across platforms and throughout the world are what holds families, institutions, and relationships together.

Women across the world suffer from health issues which slow them down in multi-fold ways. Online doctor consultation platforms like DocPrime Healthcare make it possible for women to access easy and quick healthcare that can solve many of their issues.

By talking to a virtual doctor and getting an online health consultation many issues can be resolved quickly and easily. However, there are many health issues which go unaddressed due to many reasons.

As noted by the World Health Organisation, there are health issues that women across the globe have to deal with which impact their overall health and development, and women are united in their struggle against these.

Cervical and Breast cancer

Cancer is perhaps the deadliest disease that plagues humanity, and while women are as likely to develop it as men, they experience an additional risk of developing cancer of the breasts, cervix, and ovaries.

As per global statistics released by the WHO, over five hundred thousand women die to breast cancer every year, and another five hundred thousand lose their battle against cervical cancer.

The majority of these deaths are from countries which do not have the proper apparatus for protection, prevention, screening, and treatment are either very poor or not even present.

The development of the world economy seems to be viewed in a light separated from issues of women but this shows how the two are interlinked.

Reproductive and Maternal Health Issues

Women perform a divine feat by birthing babies, however how that impacts their health is often not discussed in the length it should be.

One-third of the health issues faced by women are related to reproductive health, and this is for women who are between the age of 14 and 44, an age when women should be in school or at work, changing the world.

Moreover, according to WHO, three hundred thousand women died in the year 2013 due to pregnancy or childbirth-related complications, which goes on to show the lack of relevant facilities for these basic conditions across the world.

The reproductive and maternal health of women of fertile years are a huge problem across the globe, and until these are fixed, not much overall development can be expected.

HIV AIDS and other STDs

HIV infections are very common in women of countries that are developing, and this then becomes the cause of diseases like tuberculosis caused due to the poor immunity.

Sexually transmitted diseases are also common in young women, and this is mostly due to the pushing of women into flesh trade in poorer economies, where cleanliness and hygiene are not prioritized as they should be, and STDs continue to be peddled as a result.

Mental Health

Years of oppression at the hands of the patriarchy is the reason that women have struggled to find their identity and their voice. Being pushed into the minority; denied rights over one’s will, mind, and body; expected to produce kids every other year despite the health consequences are all bound to take a toll upon the mental health of women.

It is no surprise that women face oppression from outside and then mental health issues internally, which put them at several risks. Pregnancy and childbirth can also take a toll on a woman’s mental health.

Depression is the most common mental disease amongst women, and as a result, the patients have a high suicide rate which is a major cause of death of women under the age of 60.


Women experience many forms of violence, mostly being physical and sexual violence- and more often than not this ensues in domestic spaces, which only indicates that these spaces are not safe for women at all.

This also means they are never given the proper care and treatment to heal and recover from their injuries, and they then persist with physical and mental pain for the rest of their lives.

Statistics suggest that one-third of all women under the age of 50 have experienced violence in one form or another. The short term and long term consequences of this abuse continue to haunt women then.

Other forms of violence also exist, ranging from female genital mutilation to denial of access to education, sexual violence inside and outside the house which may be anywhere between harassment to rape.


Societies continually overexert women and expect unpaid labour in return for less and poor quality food. Malnutrition affects over two billion women worldwide, and women are mostly dealing with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and anemia, without even being diagnosed let alone treated for them.

Women often get poor diets and are expected to supply the better for their male counterparts while being complicit in their mistreatment.

Denying abortion and contraception

Women have continually been denied the right to make decisions for their bodies and are made to believe that abortion is wrong. They are expected and pressured to rear children, regardless of the consequences this has on their bodies.

Over seventy thousand women die every year due to poorly performed abortion mostly sought due to desperation, mostly in regions where abortion is illegal. These are also the areas where women do not have access to means of contraception.

While some of these issues can be fixed with better facilities and mending the way healthcare facilities are meted out, others require a paradigm shift on a much larger scale. Societies need to be transformed in a lot of ways to change the attitudes towards women, which are the main culprits perpetuating mistreatment and violence.

Improving the overall health of women across the globe is not a task we can expect to achieve in a year or two, as disparities will continue to complicate the issues. However, a global attempt to shift trends and make amends can be hugely successful when it comes to seeing substantial results in the long run in a realistic way.

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