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A List of 7 Healthy Foods for the Women of All Ages!

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In this hectic lifestyle, women do not take care of their health and stay busy constantly in accomplishing their daily life tasks. As they stay busy so that gets them vulnerable to eat unhealthy food and that eventually leads them to have serious health issues. Being a woman, you should not compromise on the quality of food you eat.

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If you are really curious about the food safety practices most specifically in the United States, so go through the Food and Health Survey by the International Food information Council Foundation. As you dig out this survey, you will find that it reveals lots of facts and according to which can make your diet plan in order to stay healthy and fit.

Unhealthy food does not affect your health only, it also puts burden to your pocket. It means, you must be serious to eat quality food and here they are:

1. Parmesan Cheese

When it comes to the best healthy foods for women then you will have to start with this specific one and it has lots of great health benefits for women. It improves your calcium intake as it offers 340 mg of calcium every ounce. It means that you must integrate parmesan cheese into your diet plan in order to get great health wonders.

2. Cocoa

If you consume cocoa as a dark chocolate or hot drink so that strengthens your health in various ways. In your hectic lifestyle, you must not miss out consuming cocoa as dark chocolate. One of the best attributes of cocoa is that it saves you from having hazardous heart problems. Cocoa consists of great concentrations of flavanols, polyphenols, and compounds of anti-inflammatory, which help you to stay away from health issues.

3. Greek Yogurt

You should also improve the intake of yogurt and in this regard, you should not overlook Greek Yogurt. It improves your calcium intake effectively and with that it also consists of a reasonable amount of protein, which is necessary for women to take. It is the yogurt, which is beneficial for the women of all ages, so never think to avoid it.

4. Eggs

Eating a healthy breakfast is really a good practice and breakfast does not get healthy until you add an egg in it. Every egg consists of 6 grams of great protein. Sadly, women do not focus on improving the intake of protein and for that eating egg in breakfast helps a lot. If you do not want to eat a boiled egg then do not worry, we have a solution for you and here it is “Egg Sandwich”.

5. Tomato Sauce

It is another healthy food which can make you stay healthy and fit throughout your life. It comprises of lycopene, which makes your skin look very younger. With that, it is also beneficial for your heart. The great amount of lycopene in the blood reduces the risk of getting heart issues. It means you should add it to your diet plan and start living a healthy life.

6. Walnuts

As it comes to healthy foods so you cannot complete the list without adding walnuts into it. It has lots of great health benefits, which being a woman, you cannot overlook. It improves your intake of alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3 fat. Make sure you eat a reasonable quantity of walnuts and if you do not feel liking eating it as it is then do try out this exciting recipe “Pasta with Walnut Pesto and Peas”.

7. Spinach

Sadly, many people consider spinach as an ordinary one but the story is really different from that. Eating it has lots of health benefits, which you must not ignore. It improves your vitamin K’s intake, which eventually supports blood clot and strengthens your bones. Never forget to eat spinach on a daily basis and you will see your health improving.

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All these above-mentioned are some very simple but worth-noticing foods for all the women out there. Adding these simple foods into your diet plan will also prevent you from spending huge money on unhealthy foods such as junk food. So never waste your time anymore and start using them from today and live a healthy and perfect life.

Author Bio:

Katey Martin is a nutritionist by profession and a blogger by passion. She began her blogging career in 2010 and since then she has written hundreds of articles on foods, diet plans, health, and fitness. You can connect with her at Online Essay writing service blog and also on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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