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7 Health Benefits of Guava Leaves You Weren’t Aware of

It’s well known that the guava fruit has a number of health benefits. However, many people aren’t aware that the leaves of the guava tree also have a variety of beneficial medicinal properties.

Guava leaves naturally support your feeling of well-being. The young leaves from the guava tree can be used to brew a beneficial tea. The leaves are packed with a number of antioxidants and vitamins.

They can be used as a natural pain reliever due to their powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, and tannins. All of these are known as natural pain relievers.

The leaves contain chemicals, such as flavonoids, polyphenols, and carotenoids, which have been effectively used to treat a number of diseases. They also are high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lycopene, potassium, and other healthy fibers.

Guava Leaves

It’s actually pretty amazing how what some consider the useless part of the tree really has a variety of health benefits.

Guava Leaves And Their Health Benefits

Guava leaves, as mentioned earlier, have been used to treat a number of ailments.

Weight Loss Aid

Guava leaves can help you if you are looking to lose weight. The way the leaves work are by impeding complex starches that we ingest from turning into sugars.

Drank as a tea as part of your weight loss diet, the guava leaves ensure that carbohydrates don’t get converted into sugars, which helps to suppress the appetite. This leads to you consuming fewer calories and eventually helps lose those unwanted pounds.

Helps To Boost Sperm Count & Production

If you are suffering from a low sperm count, guava leaves can be a natural alternative with no side-effects. Studies have shown its effects on boosting sperm counts.

Recipe To Boost Sperm

Use a large quantity of leaves along with carrots. Be sure to wash everything well. Slice the carrots and layer them at the bottom of a pot. Place the leaves over them and cover with water. Allow the mixture to boil for at least 20 minutes.

It’s the liquid that you will be drinking in the morning and at night for about a week. While taking this mixture, it’s important that you abstain from sex in order to allow a proper build-up of the herbs.

Balances Female Hormones

Guava leaves, when mixed with ginger, can help rebalance female hormones. The leaves contain copper, a mineral our bodies use to control the production and absorption of hormones.

Ginger has stimulating and warming properties that have a positive effect on balancing hormones as well. Drinking the leaves and ginger as a tea daily will help rebalance those female hormones and can also help normalize irregular menstrual periods.

Helps Manage Diabetes

According to a study done in Japan by the Yakult Central Institute, the leaves can help lower blood sugar levels by reducing the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase.

It has also been shown to prevent the body from absorbing sucrose and maltose, which also helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

Drinking a tea made from guava leaves over a 12 week period can help lower your blood sugar levels while having no increase in the production of insulin.

Lowers Cholesterol

One of the benefits of guava leaves is that its a wonderful tonic for the liver. Research has been done that shows drinking a tea made from guava leaves over a 3 month period can reduce your LDL triglycerides and cholesterol, while not adversely affecting the bodies HDL, which in turn lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Helps With Diarrhea

Guava leaves, when used as a tea or by adding a few drops of guava leaf essential oil to warm water, can help to treat diarrhea.

A published study done by the Revista de Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo showed that guava leaf tea worked to inhibit the production and growth of the bacteria that commonly cause diarrhea, Staphylococcus aureus.

Drinking the tea can lessen abdominal pain and the amount of watery stool, which helps you recover quickly.

Helps Fight Colds

The high levels of Vitamin C and iron found in guava leaves can be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of colds and coughs. Its disinfectant properties help clean the throat, respiratory tract, and lungs while helping to get rid of mucus.

These are only a few of the benefits you can experience by using guava leaves in your diet but are the top benefits people seek out guava leaves for.

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