Who does not admire a handsome, strong, and well-built man? Such a man is the cynosure at every party and makes the eyeballs turn towards him wherever he goes. Here are a few fitness and health tips for men to help develop an attractive physique and maintain a healthy body.

1) Practice Yoga:

Yoga, a perfect combination of Dhyana (meditation), asanas (yoga postures), and pranayam (regulation of breath), is the key to good health. Meditation relieves mental stress and fatigue, asanas improve blood circulation, physical and mental health, maintain ideal weight, cure many diseases and pranayam relaxes body and mind, improves digestion, strengthens respiratory and nervous system. So for an all- round fitness and health, yoga is a must.

2) Switch to E-cigarettes:

If you are a heavy smoker or want to slowly give up smoking, it is better to switch over from conventional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. E-cigarette is completely free from tobacco and releases vaporized nicotine for inhalation.

An e-cigarette user is exposed to a comparatively lower level of toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes and it also helps quit smoking. An electronic vaporizer, like Pax Vaporizer, which vaporizes tobacco instead of burning it, is also a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. Detailed Pax Vaporizer Review gives you clear information on it.

3) Be loyal, be safe:

Womanization and promiscuity may go well with a casanova image but it can invite more diseases along with women. It puts you at a greater risk of sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, and also life threatening disease like HIV/AIDS, prostrate and oral cancer. Being loyal to one partner can improve your sexual health and boost longevity.

4) Avoid Human Growth Hormones (HGH):

Looks, lust, and longings for success often leads many men into trying artificial growth hormones. Synthetic growth hormones are supposed to be used for the treatment of various hormonal disorders. But off label, HGH is used to slow aging, improve sex life, and boost athletic performance.

These positive effects should not blind one from making the wrong decision. HGH brings with it a host of side-effects, for example, nerve, muscle, or joint pain, edema, high cholesterol levels, and it may even increase the risk of diabetes and growth of cancerous tumors.

5) Eliminate Body Odor:

Men are more likely to smell more than women. Due to high testosterone levels, stress, and more physical activity, men tend to perspire more which promotes bacterial growth. Bacterial growth can lead to various skin infections, rashes, and bad body odor. Personal hygiene, good deodorants, anti-bacterial soap, and proper nutritious food can save you from body odor.

6) Never Overstrain Yourself:

Workout is good for maintaining optimum level of body fitness but overtraining is bad. Body needs certain time for recovery after exercise. If this time is not allowed, it tends to experience muscle break down and fatigue, protein and calorie deficiency, and strain on nervous system. Maintaining a proper workout regime, taking help of a professional trainer, and eating a balanced diet can help you cope with the stress that crop from workouts.

7) Ditch the Elevator:

Next time you are left to choose between stairs and elevator, choose stairs instead of elevator. If climbing ten flights of stairs is too strenuous, you can then at least climb 4 to 5 flights before taking the elevator. Making this your habit will slowly improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength. It will also help you achieve a perfectly toned body.

These tips, when properly followed, will help you remain fit as a fiddle and flaunt an impressive and confident personality.

Author Bio:

Edward Wilson shares some healthy living style tips for men. For smoke addicts, he suggests them reading through detailed Pax vaporizer review and try other alternatives like e-cigs for a smoke-free experience.