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7 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle When You’re a Busy College Student

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College can be one of the best experiences of your life, and there’s no doubt that most people are enriched by the experience. However, there are many periods during your college life where your health can suffer, be that mental or physical. You don’t have much money and you’re partying all the time, working hard and not sleeping much which is generally bad for your health.

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The following seven tips can help you succeed in staying in a good shape.
Healthy Lifestyle

1. Eat Healthy

It’s hard to stay healthy on a budget, but making good choices in the canteen can go a long way. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, and try and eat foods that will keep you fuller for longer. Make better choices with snack foods, too. Fruit is a great option to take to class with you when you need something to munch on, and will be much better for you than a candy bar from the vending machine. The key to healthy eating is not to deprive yourself of foods that you enjoy, but rather limit the unhealthy foods in your diet. If you stick to this, you’ll see an instant improvement in your health and fitness.

2. Work Out Between Classes

It’s so much easier to work out in the afternoon between classes when you’re already near the campus gym, and don’t have to turn down a night out, or drag yourself out of bed early. If you want to stay motivated to go, ensure that you have a gym kit and a change of clothes with you during the day. That way, you can just head over to the gym once classes are finished, without having to head back to get changed first. It’s amazing how much easier it is to go when you’re prepared beforehand.

3. Have a Go-To Fruit or Vegetable

Fresh fruits can be expensive, but figuring out a cheap staple that you include in a meal every day is a great way of staying on top of your health. There’s lots of options for eating them too, if you want to change it up. For example, you can make a smoothie with your favourite fruits that you can take with you when you go to class, or try eating dried fruits which can be bought in snack sized bags. There will always be healthy options in your canteen too, so look out for foods that have plenty of fruit and veg included in them.

Vegetables are a crucial part of healthy eating and they provide a source of nutrients, including fiber and vitamins A, E and C. You should always try to fill half of your plate with vegetables.  In addition to leaving you susceptible to illness, lack of vegetables can lead to headaches and stomach aches, resulting in class absences. Nutrition that incorporates fruit and vegetables has been shown to improve students’ concentration and energy levels.  Work out what your favourite fruits and vegetables are, and use them in your meals as often as possible.

4. Sleep

It might be hard to get your 8 hours every night, but catch up during the day, as being sleep-deprived can affect your health and your grades. A lack of sleep has been linked to a drop in concentration levels, making it harder to concentrate in class. As well as this, it can lead you to rely on sugary foods and drinks to help you stay awake. These can lead to weight gain, so try and get those eight hours in whenever you can.

5. Avoid Study Stress by Using the Internet

The internet has opened up a wide variety of tools and resources that can make studying easier and help you avoid stress and potential mental health problems while you’re studying. The following resources are extremely popular with students who want to work quickly and effectively:

  • Go Conqr: this tool helps you create awesome content that can help you study later such as flashcards or mind maps;
  • Study Blue: this tool is excellent for anyone looking to make their own study materials or benefit from crowdsourcing from other people doing your course;
  • Big Assignments: you can lose all of the anxiety you feel when you hand in a paper by having an expert editor or proof reader check your work before you hand it in. You can relax when you hand in a paper, as you’ll have confirmation that your paper is high quality;
  • Easy Word Count: not every student writes assignments on a traditional computer or a word processor, so if you’re writing on something non-conventional, you can use this tool to keep track of your word count;
  • Write my essay: it’s hard to see your own mistakes at times, which is why many people are able to vastly improve on their work by asking a proof reader or editor to review their assignments;
  • Cite It In: one of the most tiresome and time-consuming aspects of college work is referencing and sourcing your work, however this tool makes creating footnotes very easy;
  • Academized: if you’re not sure where to start with studying, you should look here at current study guides available, or, you can make your own;
  • Custom essay: the proof readers and editors here understand the criteria that colleges look for when they grade papers;
  • Paper Fellows: you can hire an editor or seek advice in the forums here – both services are very useful for students.

6. Avoid Sugary Drinks

Speaking of sugary drinks, sodas and energy drinks contain absolutely no goodness, and a plain cup of coffee or tea is by far preferable when you need a boost. Water is also much better at keeping you going when you need that little bit of energy to get through the day. Fill a bottle full of ice cold water and sip at it throughout the day. You’d be surprised how much it can help.

7. Find Work-Out Videos to Do In Your Dorm

Joining a gym may be expensive, but finding a YouTube video that you can do in your dorm room can help you stay fit and active. There’s plenty available, and there’s something for everyone. Why not try out a few? Maybe you’ll find that yoga is your thing, or that high-energy aerobics are what motivate you to keep fit. The best thing about workout videos is that they’re absolutely free. You can try out as many as you like, without having to spend anything.

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Staying healthy at college requires some effort, but the above tips make it a lot easier to stay on top of your physical and mental well-being.

Author Bio:

Gloria Kopp is a digital marketer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a business writer and an educator, now she works as a tutor at Boomessays service. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Huffingtonpost, UK Writings, etc. Read her Studydemic blog.

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