There is a correlation between the food we eat and our general well-being. When we eat a balanced diet, we feel more healthy and energetic. On the other hand, it can change a person’s mood and make them happier. Therefore, it is essential to learn about your diet and improve on what to eat. It is mainly because we can hamper our wellbeing by eating unhealthy and poses a risk of getting illnesses or being deficient in certain nutrients essential for good health.

As the famous saying goes, “ knowledge is power,” there is a need for individuals to learn about health and nutrition. Although numerous movies and films promote unhealthy eating behaviors, various documentaries can help you boost your health and nutrition. To find inspirational and entertaining productions on the topic, you can easily stream them on Amazon prime videos and firestick. Although it can be challenging to access some content on site, a Firestick VPN can help you bypass the restrictions and give you unlimited access to the films. In the next section, we will look at some documentaries to help you live a healthier life through nutrition.

7 Documentaries to watch on Amazon Prime

We use a large part of our lives for entertainment, either alone or with loved ones indoors and outdoors. These activities will impact our livelihoods whether we know it or not. It is the reason that we need to consider what we watch and how they are beneficial to our lives. There is the likelihood of movies influencing us when we watch them for prolonged durations. So, it is important to know what to watch, especially if you are looking to develop a healthier lifestyle. Below are some documentaries to consider for your collection to gain insights on boosting health through nutritious diets:

Is Sugar the New Fat (2016)

There is a debate on the impact of sugar on a person’s body. However, this documentary highlights the effects of sugar-coated products on our metabolism and highlights its various risks. The documentary is beneficial to individuals of all ages who are curious about what they consume and the effects on health. The documentary is entertaining and yet informative. It is geared at aiding a person to develop a better lifestyle through what they eat.

Food Matters (2008)

In this film, the directors distinguish between the benefits and harms of the food we consume. The storyline bases itself on the notion that food is the best form of medicine. It is the reason for the documentary’s name. Professionals and specialists in the field weigh in on the topic to help the audience be cautious about what they eat. The film is ideal for food lovers as it can help them identify their state of health currently and ways to live a healthier life through the food we eat.

Yogacity (2012)

Since the world is chaotic from all the hassle in life, there is a need to stay calm to improve wellbeing. Yogacity is a series on the health benefits of undertaking yoga. Each episode will focus on an activity to benefit a certain body part. The film is good for individuals who want to strengthen their bodies by getting rid of excess fat and those who want a calmer mind to tackle life demands.

Hungry for Change (2012)

In the modern era, food manufacturing and processing companies are prioritizing profits over the consumer’s health. The documentary expounds and exposes the businesses on their practices making the audience aware of what they consume. Real-life stories from individuals recovered from obesity and insights from nutritional experts, any person can benefit from the documentary. Watch it to be aware of the risk factors in the popular foods we consume.

Recent Releases

Revolution Food (2019)

The nutritional value of foods will depend on their methods of cultivation and growth. Revolution Food tells the truth behind manufactured foods in the modern world in a small portion. However, the production focuses on farmers who practice safe and healthy cultivation. It is a film for every family member. It passionately educates the audience on what the earth produces for human consumption.

The Game Changers (2018)

This is a thrilling movie about a UFC fighter and knowing the truth behind improving performance by eating a healthy diet. It entails substituting a protein-based to a plant-based diet. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in the film as he shifts away from traditional practices involving diet and performance in training. Other famous characters include Novak Djokovic and Jackie Chan. There is no excuse not to watch the film.

Fork your Diet (2019)

The documentary features medical practitioners from various disciplines to help the audience know ways of preventing diseases through healthy eating. It utilizes examples from real life to show how it is beneficial to have a nutritious diet. Fork your diet is a must-watch if you want to create a healthy living lifestyle.


Enroll in cooking classes to learn how to prepare nutritious meals. There are lots of insights n the internet too. It is a wise decision to take a proactive approach to health and wellbeing.