Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air in your home is very important for your comfort and health. Poor air quality can make respiratory problems worse. It also leads to more dust and dirt in your home.

There are steps you can take today to make the air cleaner. You should know about six ways to naturally improve your indoor air quality.

Grow More Houseplants

One way to improve your indoor air quality naturally is to start growing more houseplants. These plants will work day and night to filter the air.

Start by placing two or three houseplants in the most commonly used rooms in your home. Try to choose snake plants, bamboo, spider plants and peace lilies. Ferns, succulents and bromeliads are also excellent choices.

Open Your Windows Regularly

If you home is always sealed off from the outside, then dust and allergens can easily accumulate in the air. You want to open your windows regularly in order to get the air circulating.

A good practice when temperatures are comfortable is to open all your windows at least once a week for a few hours. This allows dirty air and debris to exit the house.

Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The interiors of the ducts in your home can become coated in dirt, allergens and debris. They can even fill up with mold, pest droppings and pests themselves. Everything in the ducts will be circulated constantly throughout your house.

The solution is to schedule a professional duct cleaning with a company like East Side Ventilation Ltd. at least once every year.

Bathe and Groom Your Pets Frequently

A natural way to improve your indoor air quality is to bathe your pets frequently. Your pets are always sending dander and other particles into the air. This becomes particularly problematic during the winter when the pets must spend all day indoors.

Bathing and grooming your pets once a week or once every few days will reduce the amount of dirt and dander that is released into your home.

Place Mats around Doors Leading Outside

People coming into the house can track in harmful particles, dust and other substances with their shoes. These substances get into your carpets. They are then thrown into the air as people walk around.

This can cause serious problems for people with allergies or respiratory issues. You can stop this naturally by placing mats around doors leading outside. The mats will capture the debris before it makes it into your house.

Stop Using Harsh Cleaners

If you are concerned about indoor air quality, then stop using harsh cleaners. These cleaners can release many chemicals into the air that stay in the home for some time.

Some older cleaners even contain volatile organic compounds that can cause serious respiratory problems when used repeatedly. Switch to certified organic or natural cleaning products that are safe.

Maintaining good indoor air quality will improve your life. It will make cleaning simpler while also allowing you to breathe easier. You might even eliminate mysterious odors so it becomes more pleasant to spend time indoors.

It is not hard to naturally improve your indoor air quality.